Monday, February 24, 2014

Boden: Diminishing Discount! Whee!

This image has nothing to do with the sale, I just thought it was cool.

Hi and good Monday morning!

I mentioned last week (in this post) that there would be a diminishing discount this week, as I had seen a postcard that said as much, and it was confirmed over the weekend by the affiliate program people who sent me some new links for you all to use to receive 20% off with free shipping and returns.

Most of you know this, but the diminishing discount means that for a week Boden has sale prices on everything (barring clearance items).  For the first few days you receive the best deal of 20% off.  On Thursday it goes to 15% off, and on Friday, it is 10% off.  So obviously better to shop earlier. 

As per usual, I am a bit groggy this morning, so I am going to keep this brief, but I would love to read any picks you all might have from this sale (items that will probably sell out before the big end of season clearance sale comes, items that are a great price with 20% off, or even just items you LUUURRRVE!). 

Also if you need inspiration, I have hosted a few Boden Weekly Review Roundups so far this season, and the spring items that others own and have reviewed can be seen there.  Lots of beautiful colors and silhouettes are definitely on display.  :-)

Talk with you all later, have a great rest of your day!