Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Boden: Summer 2014 Preview Picks!

UPDATE (4/7/14)--Received the preorder today and had a chance to try some things on.  I didn't get a chance to photograph it all and have not published any of it to this blog, but I did show off some of the items (worn by me) over at the FB page.  Be warned, I specifically chose to show off the items with sizing issues to help other ladies out.  There is a lot of good in the preorder, but you are seeing the bad first.  ;)

Hey, all!  Happy Wednesday.  :-)

With only a few days left before the promo code PRV3 (for 20% off with free ship and returns) expires at the Boden Preview site, I figured I should do one of my favorite kind of posting--the "picks post!"

This time around I just picked what attracted me.  In the past I had a bit more time to really think about the choices from the perspective of "what will sell out fast," "what is made from super high quality material for less money," and "what will most of my readers like."  Because I have been involved in a lot of my kids' activities and subbing at their school, I have far less time that I have had in the past.  Which is fine, of course, but I just wanted to put that out there since I don't want anyone to think, "oh, hey, I should buy that right now since it will sell out!"

Anyhow, the choices will have a few words below the photo about why I picked it, and if I have any notes to add about colors, quality, price, or potential "sell out" I will include that, too.

Chelsea Clutch.
This bag is so cheerful!  It is all leather, too, which explains its higher price tag.

Printed Scarf.
If you love the Italian seaside print that is splashed all over Boden this season but don't want it all over your body, this scarf is a great way to get the print in a more *contained* way.

Coats and Jackets
Arianna Jacket.
Well, yes, it is a bit expensive, but being a jacquard jacket, its material is worth it.  This comes in an orange shade, too, but will likely go further in most wardrobes in a navy shade.

Abigail Dress.
What a beautiful, retro rose print!  I have no doubt that on the right person this dress will be an absolute stunner.

Arianna Dress.
I own this dress, except it is called the Daisy Jacquard Dress and was a touch less expensive (the jacquard on the Arianna is made with metallic threading).  Still, if you love dresses like this, Boden is pulling out the stops this summer for you.  (Although you may still be able to grab the Daisy Jacquard on popback.)

Gingham Shirt Dress.
It is the same silhouette as the shirt dresses that I have loved in the past from them, but this time they are making it in three colors of gingham.  I dig the navy and green, but the driftwood is a special version, since it is the first time I have seen gingham done in this color.

Jersey Maxi Dress.
Love me a good jersey maxi dress.  (See here, here, here, and here.  LOL.)  Not grabbing this one this year, but I can't *not* include it, right?

Knot Detail Dress.
Orange again!  I really feel pleased that while Boden is trying to keep their newest customers happy (the ones who don't recall a "fun" Boden line) while still keeping things bright and cheery.

Lovely Linen Dress.
Swoon.  And it has pockets!

Nancy Dress.
Yeah, this was in my spring picks, I know...but they decided to wait on its release for summer.  I had canceled all my spring 2014 picks that weren't being shipped right away, but I knew I would still grab this one when I could.  So yay that I can get it in preview again at the 20% off.  I still think this one will sell out.

New Breezy Beach Dress.
I have this from a few years back and I wore it quite a bit that summer.  I probably will sell that other one and bring this one into my closet for this summer.  It is highly recommended.  It is a great dress made from wonderful lightweight cotton.

Selina Dress.
Another dress chosen solely because I was attracted to the colors.  I have a sickness for bright floral prints.  It is a all rayon dress, so bear that in mind.  People who buy this dress love it, so I know it is rated well, but the rayon still makes me a tiny bit concerned.

St Lucia Dress.
I thought this dress was made from a woven fabric, but then I looked again and saw it is from a knit jersey, which means that it has a lot of give and comfort.  And it is beautiful.  Awesome!

Summer Shift.
If you want your pretty seaside print in a straight silhouette instead of on a a-line frock, this is for you!

Pants and Jeans (Trousers):
Drawstring Linen Pants.
I can't wear linen pants since they wrinkle terribly on me (something to do with my weird shaped hip/thigh area), but if you are less "curvy" down below, this may be a winner for you since linen is such an elegant summer fabric and is great for keeping cool while being covered up.

Tuscany Pants.
Oh I totally picked these 'cause I loved the print.  Being made from rayon I can't say they would be very practical (they could shrink, eeek), but they are such pretty pants.

Shoes and Boots
Ballet Flats.
These remind me a lot of the J. Crew printed ballet flats, which is a good thing.  Even better, you can pretty much guarantee the Boden ones will have a better made sole, even if it is manmade (the upper and outer bits are all leather, though).

Holiday Wedges.
Rose gold leather is lovely and I rarely see it used, so for that reason alone I am recommending these wedge sandals.

Bistro Short.
Pretty print and I own a pair from the spring rollout that I love.  Fits true to your Boden pants size (I wear a 10 L).  

Florence Skirt.
I have this skirt, too! (Sort of, anyhow!)  It was called the fun skirt back then, and even though I have sold a few of my fun skirts, this particular one I didn't sell.  (White skirts in summer--so classic!)

Nancy Skirt.
Another place where you can get your fill of the seaside print.  :-)

Poppy Skirt.
The gingham is showing up here, too.  I love it in green in this skirt the most.

Tops and T-Shirts.
Lilian Embellished Top.
I had no idea that wasn't a print on this top, from far away it looks printed, but if you look closely, the flowers are all beaded, as is the neckline.  It is also made from 100% silk, which explains why this top is so expensive.

Silky Vintage Top.
Gaw!  Vintage!  And in a shape that would make my grandmother proud...

Sleeveless Shirt.
This shirt had received some buzz but wasn't rolled out (or available for purchase) in the last preview.  Well it is available now, but I would say if you like it to grab it since I think it will sell well.

The Casual Shirt.
I am attracted to this shirt because you know--bright. flowers. pretty.  I already own a gazillion Liberty print shirts, so no go for me, but if you buy it, show it off to me so I can see it on someone else!

Vintage Sun Top.
Aw, it is another wonderful yellow top with a cute as can be peter pan collar and tie detailing at the neck.

Okay, that's it from me!  LOL.  Don't think there was enough bright colors or over the top floral prints in my choices.  :-)

What do you all think?

Remember, the code PRV3 expires this Friday, February 7, 2014 at 11:59 pm, so if you would like to order with the discount, do so before then.