Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OOTDs: Striped in Specs.

Before I go into the ootds from two weekends ago, I wanted to mention that those of you who did dabble in the *up to 80% off* clearance sale may have done VERY well for yourselves.  I bought the jewelled collar sweater in the nude shade for a mere $30 and today it is back up to over $100.  Wowza.  I didn't think that would happen.  Most of the items went back up a little, at least, but some, clearly, were truly a one time price reduction of insanity.  (I received the sweater today, btw, and it is lovely and fits true to size, I took a 6 and its length and width match my upper body nicely.  Can't wait to wear it out!)

But in true Boden form, today brought another deal to the table.  Today and through the remainder of the week, you can find 20% off selected styles here, and for anything else you may want, you can grab them at 10% off with free shipping.  I put the link to that at the bottom of this post for those of you who want to go there right now.  ;-)

Day: Sunday, February 9, 2014.

Where: Dinner Out, I think.  I was going to say church, but I took this photo at 4:50 pm and had I been headed to church, I would have taken it earlier than that.  I will probably remember exactly what I did after I publish the post.  (This is the problem with publishing posts late at night after drinking a glass of wine...memory fading.)

UPDATE: I went to church in it.  We just were really late that day.  We didn't realize till we got in the car just how late.  But we did stay late to make up for it.  :-)

Ease of Wear: (5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  I felt so comfortable in this outfit.  I could sleep in it, if need be.  The LouLou dress has its fans for a reason (this year's version is called the Libby dress and can be found here in the clearance section).  The Boden Penny Loafers are also very comfortable, and have been worn by me multiple times since they came to me (in early January, when you first spied them here).

Cool Factor: (3 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.)  Very put together and presentable.  The glasses (Bookclub from Madewell, got them for $35 on sale, yay!) help up the cool factor, if hipster glasses are your thing, of course.

Anecdote from the Day: Since I don't remember what I was actually doing, I have none.  If I do remember, I will come on in and change the anecdote to what I was actually doing.

UPDATE: That night the church was giving out pretzels and beer (BEER!!!) after mass.  Yay!  It was to thank us for supporting the church (read: giving them our money).  I happily ate a yummy pretzel and drank a yummy beer.  My PE teacher was there (she teaches my kids, too, how cool) and my daughter told her she looked so pretty in her dress.  It was a really cute jersey dress. 

Day: Saturday, February 8, 2014.

Where: Pants Patterning Class at G Street Fabrics, Bethesda for yummy Cajun food at Louisiana Kitchen, and a brief trip to Madewell.

Ease of Wear: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  Leggings and a soft sweatshirt and the awesome Blakeley boots (find them here at Lands' End on sale for $99) and a warm coat and a "made by me" scarf equal very comfortable.  I was a bit unsure of showing my bottom off in public, but I had a reason (see anecdote on why), hence the 4 rating.

Cool Factor: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.)  Not over the top cool, but it's a good look.

Anecdote from the Day:  That day was my very last pants patterning class, the one in which Ms. Annette would finalize our pattern to our exact body shape.  I wanted to make sure she could get up close and personal, without me having to disrobe completely, so I wore these leggings.  Great news is that the pants pattern is very much perfect for me, bad news is I wore leggings as pants.  I think my body looks okay, but I know a lot of people getting bugged by leggings as pants, so yeah.  I walked the edge of irritating others by my sartorial choice and being okay with my body in the leggings with a shorter top.

The trip to Madewell was to return a top that fit poorly, and I knew I needed glasses to replace the pair my son threw in the trash (agh!), so I went in with a mission to find a pair.  I tried every pair in the place on, and all the sales assistants and my daughter wanted me to get the grey pair you see in the first outfit.  Now if only I could find the time to actually get them filled with proper lenses so I can use them to see...

Okay, below is the link to get you to the sale at Boden on selected styles.  :-)
20% Off Select Styles + 10% Off Everything Else plus Free Shipping & Returns

Hope you all have a great night, talk with you tomorrow!