Monday, March 24, 2014

Boden: Big Sale Time, Up to 40% Off!

Hi, all!  Happy Monday!

I knew that a sale was coming down the pike since I was physically mailed a sale flyer by Boden and emailed by the affiliate people this last Friday.  It is a good one and will last a week (although the flier stated a five day run, hmm), so you have some time to think about your purchases.  If there is something that is fairly popular, though, and it is at a good price, you may want to grab it earlier than later, especially if it is hovering in the pink "low stock" area right now.

As per usual with these sales that Boden has, some of the colors in some items will be far more greatly reduced than other colors of the same item.  The Fancy Embroidered A-Line, for instance, has three of the skirts at 10% off, but one of the shades, the black/white floral, is at 30% off.  Some items are at 40% off, and these are either the *very good sellers* from last season (yes, F/W 2013) or *not so good sellers* from the Spring 2014 season.  The F/W items are awesome and should be considered as they are well-rated and much loved by Boden fans, and even if not as useful now for most of us (although VA has NOT gotten the memo about spring, grrr).  One of my favorites from last year is at 40% off, the Smithfield Wool Skirt, and one of my favorite outfits of all time included that skirt (second outfit).

The Mid-Heel Wedge from this season is also a great buy, but you have to make sure to be spot on when ordering your size.  I had purchased the 40 and while it fit, it felt tight the first wearing.  Eventually I was able to break them in and the 40 fits great, but I can see why this pair of shoes has made it to 40% off, since I don't know if everyone is willing to give these a go if they feel too tight from the get-go.  The 41 would have been too loose everywhere, and the length would have been a touch too long.  I wrote a review of them (with photos--last outfit) here.

The Spring Eyelet Top is one that I hadn't even noticed, in preview or in the regular season, since they have it modeled in the navy and it disappears on the photo, but viewing "all colors" rather than "model," this pretty blouse immediately caught my eye.  It is at 30% off, and very well rated (4.4 of 5 stars).

Okay, that's all I have for now.  Sorry for my L-O-N-G absence.  All of us got very sick with the stomach "flu" last week and it took us a while to come back from it.  :-P  I did post on Facebook yesterday, so there is a recent photo of me (and my new hair and the Emily skirt) floating out there.  I also have a "made by me" post publishing today, so be on the lookout for that, too.

Have a great Monday morning and enjoy (sale) shopping!