Thursday, March 13, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Nancy is in the House.

UPDATE!  (Friday, March 14, 2014) Nancy Dress is now 20% off until next Wednesday!  I just took a look at "Chapter 6" over at the Style tab of Boden's site, and at the top of the images was a little blurb that said "Nancy Dress 20% Off Until Wednesday."  So yay for that!  If you bought yours and have not received it and you did not receive 20% off on it, you can call for a price adjustment.  I did buy mine for 20% off and can assure you that the price at 20% off is a good price.

Hi, all!  Happy Thursday.  I know that this post is a little late in coming to the blog, but I have finally gathered a few moments of peace to cobble it all together.  Bad side is that it takes me so long to get it done, but hey, the good side is that by waiting there are a ton of great reviews to look at!  :-)

Without further discussion, let's get started!

Regular Boden:
Nancy Dress.  Size 6 Long.  If you had a chance to get to my facebook page, you have already seen this image.  (I also posted it on my newly started pinterest page, they finally got me, lol.)

I am so in love with this print, which I know you all are SO surprised by, not.  ;-)  Anyhow, I was hoping to receive a dress whose print was placed pretty much like this one is...very little as far as graphics go in the bodice and much more of the graphic in the skirt portion.  For my frame, I feel like this works...the big block of lighter colors is up top where I am much smaller and the darker zig-zaggy graphics are on the skirt, right where my lower half needs the "distraction."

From the side you can see where choosing the 6 long was the right call.  It is nicely fitted in the bodice while still being free and flowing in the skirt.  The 8 long would have been far too big.

Oddly enough the lining of the dress is more fitted than the dress itself.  Instead of having a full skirt to match the full outer skirt, it is a lining with a more fitted (almost pencil shaped) skirt.  It fits, but I  noticed it right away since my hips are right there at the lining's edge.  It appears I can take some of the seams out and redo it if need be, so that's good, but I am going to say it--BODEN, the lining fabric is cheap cotton fabric (probably under $1 a yard), I think you can spare a few inches per dress in your lining to keep the silhouette overall, especially for us pear shaped ladies.  Just sayin'.

Swoon.  The back view is beautiful.  I think this means I have to either wear my hair up or always have shorter hair when wearing this dress.

It features an invisible back zip, but I couldn't step into the dress, I still needed to pull it over my head.

No "look at my skirt" pose.  Just acting normal here.  I might try this with a thin belt in a complementary color and a cute cotton cardi.  I could also go the "pretty linen scarf tied around the neck route," too.

This photo is from a blog friend, Jaclyn, who had a review of the dress, as well.  She writes:

I got my Nancy Dress in Blue Riviera yesterday. What a surprise, because it wasn't even supposed to ship until 3/20.

Anyway, I'm 5'4", 114lbs, 28F(36)x25x36. I have a longer torso and short legs. I'm a pretty solid 4 at Boden and that's what I had ordered.

It's too big. So sad, it's loose in the waist, but it's really big up top. The back does that poofy thing when the straps are too long, I don't know how else to explain it, it just didn't fit properly.

The waist does hit at my natural waist, more or less, a tad high, but not as high as most of Boden's dresses. The length in the Regular was great, hitting at my knee.

The colors are a little more muted than what's shown online, I like it more in person. It's soft and comfortable and I really love it.

I'm exchanging it for a size 2. But the top on the 4 is so big that I don't know if one size down is enough. Petite is not an option for me because of my body shape. If the 2 doesn't fit, I'll be very upset because it's a beautiful dress.

I took some pictures, but none of them really turned out, my lighting is poor but I do have one that shows the colors a bit better than online. Still not true, but better.

I know many of you also received this dress (and some of you in a couple of sizes).  If you would like to add your review of this dress, go ahead and comment below, add the review to the Boden Reviews tab, or email me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

Nancy Dress
Nancy Dress.  Many of the sizes/colors are on backorder now.  Not surprised.  I think this one could potentially sell out.  It is so pretty and flattering and easy.  You know, recipe for a good summer sundress...

Button Back Sweater/Jumper.  Look at Lou being all creative and actually wearing her sweater as a cardigan over her adorable baby bump.  I am totally doing that with my sweater!  :-)  Use link in name as affiliate program does not have this image in their database.

Chic Denim Mini
Audrey Sweater
Embroidered Shirt
Great White Shirt
Chic Denim Mini, Audrey Sweater, Embroidered Shirt, and the Great White Shirt.  AudreyBella took the plunge!  She ordered these lovely items in her first Boden order.  Welcome to the club! ;-)

Clearance Boden:
Jewelled Collar Sweater.  Size 6.  This is officially being added to my file of favorite items made by Boden.  And by some stroke of sheer luck, I grabbed it when it was at the lowest price I have seen it at...a mere $29.  For one weekend only (I wrote about the sale here), Boden drastically reduced prices on their clearance items up to 80% off.  This nude version of the sweater was one of those items.  Now the nude version is back up to (gulp) $125.  Yikes.  I sincerely hope that Boden thinks about having another weekend of awesome and soon, since I suspect some of you would like to see those prices again.

The fit is spot on, sometimes Boden knitwear runs too big on me, but this one is just the right length and width, etc.  I caution those of you with longer torsos to think about sizing up to gain a bit of length.

The nude color is a shade lighter than my skin tone, so it works for my coloring.  I suspect it would be even more pretty on a lady whose skin tone is a touch darker than mine or on the other side, very very pale.  It has less pink undertones, it truly is a neutral shade of nude.

The jewels are well applied and do not seem to be ready to fall off or anything.  The facing of the sweater at the neckline covers the stitching of these beads, so not only are they carefully applied, they are carefully finished, too.

Jewelled Collar Sweater
Jewelled Collar Sweater.  Stocks are okay.  If this one goes back down to $29 again, it will sell out.  It had better anyhow, since the $29 is really a very good price.  I think the initial price is quite good, to be honest, since this is a beautifully made and executed piece.  But--hey--a bargain is a bargain!

Bow Front Blouse. Size 4.  Count this in as one of the best bargains out there.  Again, purchased this one at a really great price ($19) that has since gone back up.  But unlike the sweater above, this one has only gone up a mere $10 to $29.  

Really glad I took the advice of my blog friends and sized to the 4 since I *know* the 6 would have been too big.  Even accounting the possibility of this woven rayon blouse shrinking a bit (as is the nature of the rayon fabric), it will still fit in the 4 if that happens.

Side view shows that it could work in early pregnancy if I ever planned to get pregnant again (sadly no, sob!), but even with the blousy effect, it doesn't necessarily scream "pregnant" either.  I do think the size up could have potentially read that way, though.

Back view shows how sheer it is, especially in the ivory/navy color.  I just wore a nude camisole and called it a day.

The top is made very well.  You can see the pretty tucks in the upper back here, and the nicely finished cuffs at the sleeve, too.  The bow on the front is well made, and when tied, it covers up a placket of buttons at the neckline, which actually aren't necessary, but a nice touch.  Good job, Boden.

My good blog friend, Lisa, of Respect the Shoes, recently wore this in the green here at this blog post.  She looks SO cute in it.  :-)

Bow Front Blouse
Bow Front Blouse.  Sold out in the upper sizes, but plenty still available in the smaller sizes.

Fair Isle Cardigan
Fair Isle Cardigan.  Lovely Avril wore this out and about recently.  The colors are just stunning on her.

Canonbury Clutch.  Joanna takes a look at some Valentino heels (and a great knockoff) and then gives us a glimpse of a cute outfit of the day with this pretty little clutch as her bag. Okay, I just checked and this is all sold out.  Still possibilities of popbacks, so check the link in the name just in case.  :-)

mini Boden:

British Print T-Shirt and Boys Logo Play Set (only on Angus--and only the pants).  T-Shirt sizes: Rex--7-8 yrs and Angus--2-3 yrs.  Playset size: 2-3 yrs. 

Our last name is Scottish and my youngest son is named was probably obvious to everyone out there that this shirt was utterly calling to me to put our boys in...and so I ordered two so they can truly be my identical twins, born five years apart.  LOL.

They fit well and wear well.  Rex is MASSIVE in his torso (and his head, ha, it "has its own weather system") and so we often have to buy two or three sizes up from his "age."  His shirt fits well enough that I know as much as he will want to, he won't probably be able to wear it next year.  I may try and grab the 9-10 so he can wear it again next year.  We are clearly going to be saving his version for Angus when he gets older.   Angus's is a touch too big, but again, not a big deal.

The logo playset also came with a darling red fish tee, but Mr. Dina really wanted him to wear the tee, so that will have to be reviewed later.  The pants from the playset are probably meant to be shorts, but on Angus they are capri pants.  Capri pants on a baby boy!  :-D

British Print T-shirt
Boys Logo Play Set
British Print T-Shirt and Boys Logo Playset.  The shirt and playset are still fully stocked, but the t-shirt could sell out if there is a great sale.  It will definitely sell out when the clearance time comes.

Okay, that's all for today.  Hope your Thursday continues to be awesome.

Thanks to all my blog friends for their great reviews!

USE R174 for 10% off any items not in the "selected items up to 20% off" sale.  As always clearance items are not part of any discount.