Monday, March 3, 2014

Boden: Some New Spring and Summer 2014 Arrivals!

It looks so warm there...

Currently we are freezing our patooties off here in Virginia, thanks to the 117th snowstorm of this winter (when did I move to Manitoba?), so these new arrivals are really just taunting me.  I know that most winters we have much more pleasant temperatures, and by this point in March, we would be seeing days where 70 degrees wouldn't be unheard of in the forecast.  But not 2014, thankyouverymuch.

Okay, the wahmbulance is leaving the blog, onto other things...

Obviously this morning brought some new arrivals to Boden, including some of the items I had canceled from the order back in January.  I definitely think I will order one or two of those today, just wish I could still get those at the full 20% off, but sadly, it looks like if I don't order them, they may sell out.

Speaking of 20% off, a lot of items have been reduced to 20% off, including the Button Back Sweater in that pretty pink floral colorway that I wore and reviewed here in this post.  The 20% off items are scattered about the site, so you really just have to hunt for them.

So I am going to go get some housework done, and hopefully I can come back a bit later today with an ootd post.  Until then, I would love to read what your picks are from this small rollout!

Use R174 to get 10% off any non-20% off items (in other words, all of the new arrivals):