Monday, March 3, 2014

OOTDs: Winter Casual.

Hey, all!  Even though I normally try to add bits and pieces about each outfit (like coolness, ease of wear, and anecdotes), I am going to dispense with that since I am pretty beat.  I spent the day cleaning every last square inch of my room.  Plus side--I feel so tidy now.  Minus side--so tired...

If I can link to an item since it is currently in stock, or if I have thoughts on an item, I will mention it in the copy below the photos. 

Worn to first "Moms with Young Kids" group at church and then to help CW's class with their auction project (a quilt that I will be making--yipes).

Sweatshirt/Tunic.  Zara's Printed Sweatshirt.  Size Medium.  Very cute, very comfy, and true to size, as far as I can tell (I would think my frame would be a medium up top and a large down below).  The pockets are fab.  I think this is worth the full price.  :-)

Pants.  J. Crew's Full Length Bi-Stretch Wool Minnies.  Size 8 L.  So long that I actually had to tuck the hem up into itself to get it to be the right length.  Having said that, had I bought the regular, it would have been too short by about 2 inches, so I made the right call on length.  Love how they look, just fitted enough, just long enough, and a great color for my wardrobe.  I am a fan of the Minnie pant, and look forward to seeing this version next fall in other great shades.

Worn to pre-bowl, since I can't seem to drag my butt to the actual bowling league itself.  Subbing, snow, and school meetings are getting in the way!

Top.  Johnnie b. (Boden) Sammy Sweatshirt.  Size 15-16.  As far as I can tell I am usually a 15-16 in tops, unless the top is so oversized that it looks ridiculous on me.  (Then I go for a 13-14.)  I typically wear a 4 or 6 in Boden tops and a 4 or 6 in J. Crew, so use me as a comparison if need be.  Very comfortable, cute, young-looking top.  I love the color, such a fresh shade of aqua/mint.

Pants.  Johnnie b. (Boden) Printed Skinny Jeans.  Size 30 L.  These pants were so cheap during Boden's crazy "let's reduce clearance items by 80% off" that I bought two pairs, the 30 L and the 32 L.  They were $9 a piece.  The 32 L was very big on me, near falling off, but I dug them so much and since they are actually cheaper than fabric in that amount, I am keeping them, cutting their legs off, altering the waist, and making these pants into shorts for the summer.  The 30 L that I wore bowling fit fine, a touch tight through the legs, so if you have calves that fall on the wider spectrum, they may be too skinny, even if you size up.  These were also so long that I tucked the hem up on them, too, just like I did on the Minnies in the first outfit.  Again, had I gone with the regular, though, they would have been too short.

Worn on the school run last week.

Coat.  Boden's Ingrid Coat.  I did a review of this amazing coat here at this blog post.

Worn on the school run.  This is my most casual outfit ever (hey no makeup!).  But man was it cozy and comfortable.  Look at Angus walking up those stairs all by himself.  He is a champ stair climber.  He's almost two, guess it was bound to happen.  :-)

Shoes.  Target's Merona Mallory Flat.  Size 9.5.  As per my usual with Target, I only buy if the shoe has some component made from leather.  That is getting harder to find these days, but I was in Target and saw these darling mint driving mocs and was all, "ooh," 100% expecting to put them back after spying "all manmade materials," but nope, the uppers are suede (100% leather), so yay for that.

Okay, that's all for now.  I hope everyone is having a great Monday night/Tuesday morning.  :-)