Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boden: Catch of the Day! Accessories, Shoes, Shorts, and More!

Good Thursday!

I am heading home today after our very quick trip to Florida.  I wish we had one more day, just to relax here at the resort, but budgets don't allow that right now, so we are back to the grind.  ;-)  Mr. Dina seems to think that if we save we could maybe one day stay at the Polynesian Resort here (it is so beautiful), but we don't see that happening for many years yet. 

Anyhow, today's catch over at Boden is a mishmash of a bunch of different categories, all the ones that have not yet been on sale.  Like the tops and tees sale on Monday, today's assortment is well received as it features staples in a wardrobe, like shoes, loungewear, pjs, and accessories.  And because it is summer, Boden added swimwear and shorts to the mix.

Again, it is 25% off the items that are in the sale, but if you needed to get something else today (say a popback you had been waiting for), you can use the "new customer" coupon in the sidebar which gives 10% off.  You won't receive the bag unless you actually are a new customer, but it is a good discount to have if you have a need for something right now and can't wait for a discount that is greater.

I have a few quickie reviews/links to prior reviews to share of items in the sale. 

Bistro Short
Bistro Shorts.  I purchased two pairs of these in the size 10 L.  I chose to buy the two floral versions, and they are truly beautiful and the colors are true to what you see on the screen.  I reviewed the navy blue version here.  I wore the green floral version yesterday, and while I had photos taken of me wearing it, I haven't uploaded them.  I did take a few photos at home, before we left, and you can see them here (remember to click on the photo to see the next one).  The shorts did stretch out and they got a bit wrinkled, but they held up well and were so comfortable.  I think the Magic Kingdom test is a pretty good one, so buy them with confidence, but if you are not especially well-endowed on your lower half (like lucky yours truly--sarcasm alert), buy your "smaller" size.

Chelsea Clutch
Chelsea Clutch.  I chose to purchase the yellow floral version, and while the print isn't as spectacular in real life as it appears on screen, it is a beautiful clutch in a very nice leather.  I haven't worn it out in real life, but it appears it could fit a kindle and a few credit cards, or a phone and a small wallet and keys.  I think it is meant as a wedding/party bag, but I can see me using it for making quick trips, like on the school run or to winesday.

Penny Loafers
Penny Loafers.  I did an in-depth review of these shoes at this blog post.  I have also worn them a bunch since purchasing them, so I can say, definitively, that these are living up to my expectations. (The above color in the ivory appears to be sold out.  I don't know why the affiliate program has not updated the directory.)

Mid-Heel Wedge
Mid-Heel Wedges.  I wrote up a review of these here at this post.  I have worn them a few times since purchasing them (last outfit in this post), but would have worn them more had our winter and early spring been drier.  We have had so much snow and rain, I couldn't wear them out on days when I would have otherwise.  Maybe now that it is warming up?  :-)

Okay, that's all for now.  Do any of you all have any favorites from the sale???

Talk with you all soon!