Friday, April 25, 2014

Boden: What a Catch! 25% Off Everything!

Happy almost the weekend!

We returned home just fine, I love how quick the flight from FL is to VA, would be nice if we could make the trip more often, but I am a huge sucker for all things Disney, so I understand if you don't necessarily agree with me.  ;-)

Okay, so usually Boden gives us a grab bag of items for the last catch of the day, but not this weekend.  Johnnie B. and co. have given us the entire site off this weekend!  Woo!  (Well, except for the usual "not on clearance items" of course.

I am not going to write up any reviews here at this post, like I have done with the posts I wrote on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but I will encourage you to look at all of those for the quick reviews, and also the latest BWRRs for any reviews written in the last few months.

I do want to mention that Lisa (in yesterday's post's comment section) said that she used the code R174 on her shopping bag page and it took an additional 15% off of her shopping bag, so the sale did stack, which is pretty flipping awesome.  I just tried it on the items I ordered, and it worked, and did indeed save me a bit of money.  In fact, my big return from Boden's summer preview order just processed, but the exchange didn't, so I went ahead and contacted Boden and asked them to cancel the two items I wanted in exchange instead.

SO THANK YOU LISA!  Of course, this stackable promo may be a "whoopsie" on Boden's part, so don't be surprised if it goes away.  :-P

I went ahead and ordered the Selina Dress in the size up (to make up for the way too tight pencil skirt lining of the 6L), and the Ariette Dress in the size down (to make up for the HUGE size it was on me, though that could be a mistake--even so, the reviews are not being kind to it, so sizing down seems smart).  I decided to spring for a few Johnnie b. items since they are usually priced very well when on deep discount.  I chose to get the Anna Dress in a 15-16 (measurements fit that way, worried about the length, but might be able to bring the hem down), two pairs of Leggings (I chose the 16+ for the best length and coverage), and the classic swimsuit in the red stripe (same size as I purchased last year in a 15-16).

Okay, so go ahead and enjoy (sale) shopping and let us know if you found any especially great deals out there!!!