Monday, April 21, 2014

Boden: Catch of the Day Begins! Today 25% Off Knits, Tops, and Tees!

Hello!  I hope everyone had a happy weekend, and if you celebrated, a very Happy Easter.  We are currently on spring break, so I am actually typing this from a place that won't surprise any of you longtime readers of My Superfluities, Disneyworld in Florida.  :-)  What a surprise! 

Like our family annual journeys to see the Mouse, you can also count on Boden to have a "Catch of the Day" set of sales for a week every season, and today starts this season's.

UPDATE: I tried to get this coupon to work, but when I went to the checkout page, craziness came!  One item was at the reduced price, but the other wasn't.  So I went back and tried again with the link, and again, craziness.  Now both weren't working.  Well, huh.  Anyhow, it should all work out 'cause I have seen Boden's FB page light up when something doesn't work, but I wanted you to be aware of it in the meantime.  I will let you know when I can if they have fixed it.

UPDATE, PART TWO: Okay, I tried adding just one item and it properly reduced that price. So maybe you can add one item at a time and check out that way? It is free shipping and returns, so no harm, no foul, and I bet if Boden keeps seeing individual items being checked out, they may hone in on a problem. 

Up first are tops, tees, and knitwear, and of all the sales they have during the Catch of the Day week, this one usually is the most popular because everyone usually has their eyes on these kind of items for their wardrobe.  I have a few of the items in this day's sale, and I will briefly review them for you so you can decide if you had your eyes on any of the ones I have purchased.  There is also a good chance one of the recent BWRR has a review of whatever item you are interested in, so definitely check them out, too.  And, sometimes folks add reviews to my Boden reviews tab, and will be there ready to be read before I take the information and put them in a BWRR.  (Hint--to get the comments that are newest at that tab, make sure to click the header that says "sort by newest.")  There are no new comments as of this morning, but that can change throughout the week, so it never hurts to look.

Okay, as a reminder, the Catch of the Day is all you have right now.  So if you had you had hoped to use my 15% off coupon that was in the blog's sidebar for the last week, it isn't working, instead it reverts to the Catch of the Day promo.  So to avoid confusion, I took that coupon down for the week.  I have kept up the "new customer, receive a bag, and 10% off," since that appears to still work.  Now you won't get 10% extra off the Catch of the Day items, but if you had hoped to get an item and need it ASAP, that will still give you a *teeny* discount.  (And if you truly are a new customer, you will receive the bag, too!)

Regarding the tops in the sale that I have tried, most are winners, so I can fully give my thumbs up, but there are, as usual, things to keep in mind.

Silky Vintage Top
Silky Vintage Top--I chose to purchase the green leafy version in a size 6.  This was my absolute favorite from the rollout, but I haven't had a chance to wear it in real life.  The sizing is accurate, if a touch loose.  I wouldn't go down to a 4, though, since it is made from a rayon, which we know means there will eventually be some shrinkage.  It also features a row of self-fabric buttons down the back.  It is very retro and reminds me strongly of my grandmother's wardrobe from the 50s and 60s.

Must Have Tee
Must Have Tee--Already wrote a review of this one with a few photos.  Check out the review hereHere is a post featuring it in an outfit of the day.  :-)

Button Back Sweater--Wrote up a review here.  (Use link in name of item, affiliate program does not have this item in its directory, sigh.)

Do you have any favorites that are on sale today?  Definitely let us know in the comments.

If you happen to see that Boden has fixed the shopping bag page issue, as well, I would welcome you all letting us know in the comments, too!  

Thank you and we'll talk soon!