Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup...Lots of IRLs...

I meant to get these out to you all yesterday, but by the time the three of us got home from Richmond, I had a raging headache, so I kind of knew it wasn't going to happen on Wednesday as usual.

Although busy today, I know I can spare at least a moment or two to share some of my own reviews/IRLs of Boden outfits and also to share some of the wonderful Boden bloggers reviews/IRLs, as well.

Onto the reviews...

As usual, if you would like to see an item's sizing info, measurements, availability, and other colorways, click on the stock photo that Boden has provided me.  If you would like to see an item close up on me, please click the photo, which will take you to another page that will have a larger photo.  If you would like to see an item on a blogger friend, please click through the link I have provided for their post.

I haven't seen any really good sales going on at Boden, but my 15% maternity coupon still works (it is in my sidebar) and the as of today, the swimwear 20% off sale is still going on (which is stackable with the 15% maternity coupon).  I will definitely let you all know if I happen upon a better sale or coupon...  :)

First up is a review (plus an IRL outfit--got to combine both today--smile):
Bow Shift. Full length photo of the outfit I wore today.

I bought this dress in a size US 8 Regular, or UK 12 Regular. I saw it come out of the package and I was so excited, love the colors, the cool (Ischia-looking) print, and the lightness of the linen fabric.

Having said that, though, I did worry that I had bought it one size too large. The first time I tried it on, the shoulders and bust were comically huge while the hips fit fine (even a bit big there). I didn't want to return it, though, until I saw it on another reviewer (which I did, just this week--her review to come). Turns out that the shift is meant to fit loosely, and if I were to go to a size six, it would fit, but most likely ruin the "shift" silhouette.

So knowing that, I decided to wear it today, and lots of ladies at Rex's preschool were very complimentary of the dress. Mr. Dina said he really liked it, too, so I guess it is a keeper. ;)

From the side.  I love the more colorful pistachio colorway, but it also comes in mercury (grey) and iris (blue).  If you are shy of colors, but love the circular pattern, go with the grey, which could work well for work.

From the back.  The dress was very comfortable, and not once did I regret wearing it to school.  The linen DID wrinkle, especially in the lap (I was sitting for a good portion of the morning).  Nothing terrible, though, and the cotton lining helps to keep some of the wrinkling at bay.

Close up of the bow.  In my opinion the bow is only really noticeable when you see it in person, in pics, you can barely tell it is there.

Bow Shift
Bow Shift.

Not done...guess what, one of my favorite set of Boden bloggers, Polly and Fiona, had a review of this dress this week.  Fiona looks lovely in the pistachio version, and she is the reason I realized how the darn dress was supposed to look.  THANK YOU, Fiona!

Merino Tab Jumper
Merino Tab Jumper. Suburban Mom shows us a lovely IRL outfit with her yellow version of this sweater. Her choice of a pink belt was super chic, and I want to now make an outfit with this color combo, sort of like pink lemonade. ;)

Plaited Belt
Plaited Belt. Suburban Mom's above outfit with the Merino Tab Jumper shows a pink belt that *is* a Boden belt, but not currently available. I did find this plaited belt, though, which does come in a pink colorway, so for those of you dreaming of pink lemonade as well, this could be an option.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Pamela looks so pretty in this green version, and the pairing with the pink pumps--BRILLIANT! :)

Terrazzo Tunic
Terrazzo Tunic. I last reviewed it here, but this last week I wore it as part of an SAHM outfit.  I know that the taupe colorway is pretty much sold out, but definitely watch for popbacks!

Umm, this could easily be the most easy-going SAHM outfit ever.  Paired with Madewell leggings, an Ann Taylor necklace, and Cole-Haan sandals, I was very comfortable, yet felt very well put together last Friday.

Close-up of the neckline.  I really want to get this in the blue/orange color, as well, but that appears to also be sold out.  C'est la vie.  ;)

Stitched Hem Mini
Stitched Hem Mini. I wore this (as part of an outfit) earlier this week. 

Okay, I seriously have to hustle.  I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight, and I have to take the RED LINE to get there, so wish me luck (and fleet feet, please).  LOL.

Hope you have a great Thursday, and happy Boden hunting, babes.  :)