Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Yummy Spring Weather!

Hi, all.  With temps in the 70s today and multiple recent days in the 60s, you will be seeing quite a few warm "winter" weather outfits from Boden tonight.

Both Poppy's Style and I are located in the American South, so even though we know it is "winter," we are simply using jackets and coats as mere suggestions that we understand the calendar says what it says.  In fact today was so warm, a heavy coat would have been insane.  (I wore a merino cardigan for the morning, it was gone by the middle of the day.)

Before we begin the roundup...I still have had no luck with the links on my sidebar (sad!), so I am going to encourage you all to check out these instructions for savings on any items you see here (outside clearance, which are only available for free ship and returns).

1. Instead of using the sidebar link, use an item stock photo (like the ones littered throughout this roundup) to get to the Boden USA site.

2. Click on that photo which will take you to the US item page. There will be NO discount applied, but no worries.

3. Once on the site, click on the shopping bag icon which will take you to the shopping bag page itself.

4. On that page, locate the code box (it is on the lower left hand side), and put in this code AF29 (which is what the affiliate link had as the code when I tried it last week). This code is for 15% off and free ship/returns. If you have another code, you can use it there as well.

(If this doesn't work for you, DEFINITELY let us know!) Thanks!

Boden Women Spring 2012:
Fun Jersey Dress.  This is a dress that I really only put on for the blog.  It fits, but just, and I feel like the dress would be a better asset to my wardrobe postpartum.  That said, I could get it on, and it was stretchy enough that if you are currently pregnant, say 20 or so weeks, you may want to consider this one as an option because it is made from a fabric that is flexible enough to work with belly and without.  :)

This is the size US 6, which is my tts Boden jersey dress/tunic size.

This is a fabric that is jersey, but also has a slub cotton feel, a lot like the plait trim top, whose review you can find here.

This dress is definitely a nod to the past "fun" pieces made by Johnnie and co., what with the large blooming embroidered florals on the bottom of the dress.  However, compared to prior years, this is more muted as the florals are on a fairly blah background of pewter/brown (hard to tell which color it really is, they call it pewter, I call it brown).  If this had been released in 2006, it would have been a bright yellow dress.  Guarantee it.

This design continues onto the back, but only on the one side.

The flats are J. Crew, Lula Bow Ballet Flats.  They are very comfortable and run tts, and work nicely with the dress.  Nice SAHM look, great for springtime preschool runs.

Fun Jersey Dress
Fun Jersey Dress. The brown is still around and likely will be. The red/pink is really popular, and I can see why. :) It's pretty, and the design is less in your face... (If you are a fan of the brown, you can likely hold off till summer clearance time, I bet it will be around then...I just plan on wearing mine a lot before then.)

Other Blogs:
Mariner Jumper
Mariner Jumper. Poppy's Style shows off the navy and white version of this popular sweater. Love the pop of red in the shoes, natch.

Clearance Items:
Silk Flower Tunic
Silk Flower Tunic. Poppy's Style certainly looks pretty in her edgy take on this tunic. LOVE!

Piped Shoe Boots
Piped Shoe Boots. Poppy's Style wore these with her silk flower tunic. I had been interested in these, very cute/versatile style! You can also check them out with the Retro tunic at this post.

Leather Blazer
Leather Blazer. I didn't even realize Boden sold this last fall. It looks great on Poppy's Style with the Retro Tunic (not available any longer, but if you go back to this post, you can see my review on it, which includes a link for any possible popbacks).

Mini Boden Spring 2012:
Rough Applique T Shirt.  Rex picked the skull and crossbones version of this shirt out during the preview sale in October (?).  He has now worn it twice.  And outside.  With shoes.  Just not here.  ;)

It runs tts, as Rex is now in the 5-6 year range.  It is long enough and wide enough to fit now and next year, too.  It washes well, as you can see here, this photo is from the second outing of this top.

Rough Applique T-shirt
Rough Applique T-shirt.  Also comes in a rhino and alligator design.

Okay, all have a great night!  :) Talk with you all later.