Monday, December 2, 2013

Boden: Cyber Monday...50% Off Festive Favourites!

So the 30% off sale (plus free shipping) is continuing into today (I wrote about it here at this post).  In addition to that sale, Boden has decided to offer a *very few* select items at 50% off, and you can find them all here.  I have to say there may only be a few, but what they chose are pretty nice offerings.  I am sort of stunned that they are offering the Equestrian Boot at 50% off, and that includes all colors, not just the ones that aren't selling well, so if you like those and had been waiting for a great deal on them, today is a good day to choose to get them.

Womenswear has the most on offer, but there are a few cute items in mini Boden, baby Boden, and Johnnie b.  Menswear has two items, but if your man needs a gift and you like either of the two, well, there you go!

Do you all see anything from the 50% off that you know for a fact is a great deal? 

Have a great day, all!!! Enjoy (sale) shopping!

Apparently all these savings are set to disappear at midnight tonight, so keep that in mind.  ;-)

Take 30% off Everything and 50% off Boden Favourites plus Free Shipping on Monday, December 2 at