Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boden: Sale Time is Here!

Well, the big sale is started a day earlier than I was expecting, but I won't take issue with that.

As per usual, I have only had the most cursory glance 'round, but I will say that the items that are deeply discounted are discounted very nicely, and you can find some great prices on some very lovely items.  That said, and we have experienced this before with Boden, many of the items many of us have been hankering for are only barely fact had we purchased the items last week when the *everything is at least 25% off*, we would have saved more.  Le sigh.

UPDATE (9:55 am): I looked and saw that you can receive free shipping if you spend more than $50.  Thank you, Boden, for listening to your customers.  We have been begging for this for years!!!  Cheers!

But I won't focus on that, instead I will attempt to get all my ducks in a row and finally publish a long overdue Boden Weekly Review Roundup this weekend, so those of you hunting for these deals have a last set of reviews to reference when purchasing.

(Until then, you can have a gander at ones that have been published already--there were a lot of fab reviews this season, so it is likely something you like was reviewed.)

Do you have any picks from the sale you would like to mention?  I am also setting up to do a picks post for mid-week next week and would love to include yours!

Have a lovely Saturday and happy (sale) shopping!