Monday, December 16, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Tulip Party Edition.

Hi, all!  As most of you know, the *big* end of season sale started on Saturday.  I wrote a bit more on it here, but have not yet done a picks post.  I will be writing up a picks post for Wednesday, so if you have any favorites, go ahead and comment either here or at that post to let us know what you are really loving from the clearance.

So in today's post, I am highlighting one of the very few items that was a better deal last week than this week.  As Boden has done for a few years now, if an item is an especially good seller, or can be carried over to the next season, the item will only be reduced by a tiny amount in clearance.  Last week the Tulip Party Dress could be had for 25% off, this week it is only 20% off.

(If it makes you feel better, I got mine for 20% off during the preview, so I wasn't even able to get it for the awesome 25% off, either.)

It has been so popular (which I get, btw) that it comes and pops back and doesn't stay that way for very long, so if it is something that would get a lot of wear in your life, the retail price minus 15% off is worth it.

Regular Boden (now in clearance, technically):
Tulip Party Dress.  Size 8 Regular.

Some of you may already know this, but I originally purchased this in a size 6 long since the measurements seemed to work for my larger bottom half/smaller upper body.  But as evidenced below in the last few photos, the 6 long was most definitely not the best choice for me.

The 8 regular is a bit shorter, but since it is a party dress, I figure a couple inches above the knee is no big deal, what really mattered is the fact that I knew I could sit in this without hurting my lower hips!

It has pockets that are lovely and deep.  I actually put my phone in there for a few moments on the night I wore it (for more on that occasion, go to this post).

Side view.  The skirt is not making me poof out like that, it is the way I naturally stand, so don't blame the skirt for my poor posture/natural swayback.

It has a back zip which means I could step into the dress rather than pulling it over my head.  SO glad they made that call, nothing worse than having a face full of makeup smear the inside of a dress.

The back zip made me (foolishly) think I could get away with a smaller size, too, since it would require less of a struggle to get it on...learn from my mistake, go with the larger of your sizes.

My natural waist and the dress's waist is where my hand is, in other words, this dress has a fairly high aware of that, too, especially you all who have longer torsos.

Size 6 Long.  From here, it almost appears like the dress looks okay.  The length gives it a bit more class, and the fit of the bodice is *spot* on, but wait for it...

Best caption for this look in the comments will be placed here forever once a winner has been chosen!
Hahahahahahaha.  Look at that poof above my bottom...yeah, that's attractive.

I should have learned my lesson from this tulip-shaped skirt I purchased last fall.  Why don't I ever learn???

Back view also is deceiving!

The jacquard is very substantial, well woven, and beautiful in real life.  The dress is also made in the UNITED KINGDOM.  It has been YEARS since I have had an item from Boden made in the UK.  I don't know if there are plans to keep this up, but I am thrilled that this was made there, and don't regret the amount I spent on it.

FWIW, I am bringing this dress with me to Mississippi for Christmas and plan to wear it with a pair of black tights, a black turtleneck, and more sedate heels for Christmas service at the church down there.  So this dress is a very versatile party dress, too.

Tulip Party Dress
Tulip Party Dress.  Popbacks come and go, but watch for them...they will appear.  The green dotted version is more popular than the grey dotted version.

Ingrid Coat
Ingrid Coat.  I wore this out as part of my church outfit on a very cold day (bottom of the post).  I also wore it today to a school play, again because it is so flipping cold.  :-)

Honeycomb Stitch Sweater
Ponte Roma Pant
Honeycomb Stitch Sweater and Ponte Roma Trousers.  Lou wore these as part of a very pretty weekend outfit here in this post

Canonbury Clutch
Knit Spot Slipper  
Canonbury Clutch and Knit Spot Slipper.  Lou has quickie reviews of these at the bottom of this post.

Lou also rounded up some of her reviews from this season here at this post and at this post.  (I have links to those reviews in my past BWRRs, but it is nice to have them all in place!)

Reviews from Boden Reviews Tab:

Equestrian Boot (use name to access page).  Nicole writes of these darling boots:

I ordered the Equestrian Boot in black, succumbing to the awesome deal that Boden had for Cyber Monday. 50% off and free shipping? Yes, please! My shoe size is an awkward 10.5 post-baby, which is a size that no one seems to make. Actually, half sizes seem to stop at 9.5. Where's the love for us gals with big feet? Some of us are half sizes too! 

Anyhow, the lovely boots came this week. They're the perfect casual/dressy boot, but sadly they have to go back. I ordered the 42, which looked to be a 10.5 per their sizing chart. The width across the widest part of my foot is perfect, even with a wool sock. The heel and ankle are too big, though. I feel the heel slip every time I walk, and the ankles just don't feel right with all that extra space/leather. I was able to zip them up over my corduroys, but it was a little tight at first. I typically wear extended calf styles, but my calf size has changed and now I can actually tuck pants into my boots. The description on the web states that you can adjust the strap, which is true of the top one with the buckle, but not the other one. Adjustments would be limited by that second strap. The other issue I had with these was the height of the boot shaft. These are taller than my old J Crew boots, and I found when sitting, the top of the boot was jamming itself into the back of my knee. Not pleasant. I'm 5'8, so not a shortie. I would think this would be a problem for shorter ladies with big feet. Oddly, there is no measurement listed on the web for the height of the size 42. 

I really wish these had worked because my old boots aren't big enough/comfortable. There are a lot of positive reviews for them and they have a 4/5 start rating. Maybe it's just me and my giant feet. :)

I wish they had worked for you, too, Nicole!  :-(

Merino Off Duty Sweater  
Off Duty Merino Sweater.  LizzyT received hers in grey and has this to say of her purchase:

I just received the off duty merino sweater in the light gray and it is absolute love! It's a bit swingy and big but perfect for casual weekend days with skinny jeans and boots. The wool is soft and cozy, the color is the perfect light gray, and the shape is cool casual. I adore this sweater and am stalking the cashmere version for pop backs. Highly recommend!

Glad to read that the sweater works for you--best of luck on grabbing the cashmere as a popback!

Thanks to all my blog friends for their reviews!

mini Boden:
Fun Jersey Dress
Pointelle Marl T-shirt
Festive Appliqué T-shirt  
Fun Jersey Dress, Pointelle Marl T-Shirt, Twin Pack Long Johns (click on name to get to page), and Festive Applique T-Shirt.  Lou wrote up some quick reviews of these here at this post.

Okay, that's it for now.  I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday, and we'll talk soon!

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