Monday, March 2, 2015

Boden: Four Days Only, 20% Off Full Price Items.

Ottoman Shift, Alice High Heel, and Zip Top Pouch.

Hey, all.  Last week, I read that the lucky Brits were able to receive 20% off their Boden orders over at Lou's blog, and I was all, "hey, love for the Americans, please?" 

Well, I think some of us had the potential for 20% off last week, but it depended on your emails.  I received a few 20% off emails at my "never order from Boden" email, but not at my "always order from Boden" email.  CC tells me this happens to her, too.  ;-)  They want to entice all the newbies to ordering more apparently.

Thankfully they got their act together this week for those of us in the frigid fifty states (well except for lucky Hawaii, hello!), and we get to enjoy the 20% off all full-priced items.  I guess that means any item that isn't on some sort of special reduction already (the blue Ottoman shift above is already at a reduced price, so it can only be reduced by the *normal* 15% off, but the Zip Top Pouch and Alice Heel are reduced by the 20%).  Clearance items are  not reduced further, though, sadly.

I have a very long overdue Boden Weekly Review Roundup nearly ready to go (just have to photograph one last dress), and will hopefully publish tonight or tomorrow afternoon.  If you have a review for me, definitely drop it in the comments over at the Boden Review tab, or email me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

Until then, let us know if you have any picks on items you think are well worth the 20% off price.  :-)

Enjoy {sale} shopping!