Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: The Wrap Dress Fiasco. And Some Long Overdue Reviews.

Hey, all!  I know I should just rename the Boden Weekly Review Roundup to the Boden Monthly Review Roundup, but I think Weekly Review Roundup just sounds better...and there is still a tiny inkling in my head that one day I will get my act together and get the weekly review game up and running again.  ;-)

So on Monday I wrote a post announcing the 20% off all full-priced items sale that Boden was having.  It is still going on, which is why I really wanted to make sure you were able to see the blog reviews from my blog friends and myself before the deal ended.  It ends tomorrow night here in the United States, so if you are hoping to partake, you have around twenty-four hours in which to enjoy.  And if you are in the big storm's path, well, I guess that is one way to pass the time.  ;-)

Many of my blog friends were really excited about the new Boden offerings this season, and three of them wrote up "favorites" posts.  You can see Lizzy's choices here, AudreyBella's choices here, and Fashion Mommy's choices here

Okay, onto the roundup!

Wrap Dress.  Size 6 Long.  I so so so so wanted this dress to fit well.  I mean, look at that beautiful and bright orange geometric print!  And feel the soft rayon blend knit (well, you can't, but it's soft as a baby's behind)!

But ugh.  The sizing is just so wrong on me.  I would dare say this one runs large, especially in length and in the bodice.  I had to wear that *lovely* camisole for modesty when taking the photos.  The top half is so loose, it is pooling and wrinkling and sagging. Not especially flattering.  It doesn't even sag in a way that makes me look like I have something in the way of "girls" up there.  Nah, it makes me look even smaller.  Wah!

I am a size 6 L in most Boden jersey dresses, with an occasional 4 L thrown in if the dress is especially stretchy.  I think that if I were to try the 4 Regular, I might be good, since I anticipate the bodice would be a touch shorter and definitely more fitted.  Yes, I would lose length, but that might be okay since that is a lot of skirt there in the long.

Yes, I know that I wouldn't do this maneuver normally when wearing the wrap dress, but I put this photo out there to show you just how stretchy and loose it was on me.  I think if I had a size 34DD AND had a longer torso, I would have been golden, and the dress would have looked great on me, but at 32B and short of torso, not in good shape.

You can see the big wrinkle there at the lower bustline.

I will say, I didn't HATE it on me, I just disliked that I couldn't wear it without a lot of cover underneath and without a lot of fiddling. Nah, I ain't got time for that junk.

Not terrible from the back, but it is obvious the top bit is too long on me.  Meh.

Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress.  In stock in most sizes.  I *might* wait for a super sale and try to get the 4 regular at a much better price.  If not, I'm good.

HOWEVER, I know a lot of you out there have the type of body that looks amazing in this kind of dress, so definitely give it a try, especially if you are longer in your torso or have more of a bust to support this kind of neckline.

French Knot Sweater
French Knot Sweater.  Wore this on a recent snowy day.  (One of many, I might add, ugh.)

Tilly  Sweater
Tilly Sweater.  Really love the mint shade, it is sublime.  Worn to do typical "momma" stuff.

Rainbow Knit Sweater
Rainbow Knit Sweater.  Because I had to wear pink on Valentine's Day, I wore this sweater as a festive nod to the date, even though my reason for going out was for my son's birthday party at a laser tag facility.

Hotchpotch Trainer
Hotchpotch Trainer.  I love fun sneakers, and I really enjoy Boden's first foray into the athletic style choices.  They were very comfortable the day I wore them.

Casual Dip Back Sweater
Casual Dip Back Sweater.  Yeah, yeah, clearly I like this blue vine design.  LOL.  This sweater was so warm and cozy when I wore it back in January.

Embellished Blouse
Edith Top
Eliza Top
Polperro Top
Annie Dress
April Tunic Dress
Rose Bow Skirt
Grace Skirt
Suzie Ponte Dress
Westminster Bag
Verity Dress
Embellished Blouse, Edith Top, Eliza Top, Polperro Top, Annie Dress, April Tunic Dress, Rose Bow Skirt, Grace Skirt, Suzie Ponte Dress, Westminster Bag, and Verity Dress.  First I want to mention I am jealous of Lou being able to get to the actual Boden store, I mean hello!  Trying the clothes on before you purchase them, that is such a wonderful thing to behold.  :-)  Second, as most of us are not so lucky, her trip has allowed us to see all the clothes in real life, and not just overstyled/possibly photoshopped in the catalog.  THANK YOU!

Long Sleeve Breton

Long Sleeve Breton.  I love this color lavender on Lou.  It really does suit her!!! 

Eliza Tunic Dress
Eliza Silk Tunic Dress.  Lizzy looks beautiful in this Eliza dress. :-)

Westminster Bag
Westminster BagLizzy shows off this bag for us, but in the very versatile navy color. 

Jersey Jacquard Top
Jersey Jacquard Top.  I barely even noticed this top in the catalog and online, but after seeing it on Lizzy, I have my eyes firmly fixed on it. 

Thank you to all my blog friends for their contributions.  :-) 

Hope you all have a great night!

Here is a direct link to the Boden 20% off sale: