Thursday, June 4, 2015

OOTD/Review: Space-Dyed Shine in Sprinkles.

OOTD first, followed by a quickie review of J. Crew's Space-Dyed Sweater.

Day: Thursday, June 4, 2015.

Where:  G Street Fabrics, School Run, a very brief visit to Nationals Park, and Good Stuff Eatery for dinner.

Ease of Wear: (4.25 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  This whole outfit presents well but is pretty comfy, considering it is a bit more dressy than my usual wear of late (Turner pant, a fun top of some sort, and sandals).  The skirt is the factory version of the J. Crew Lighthouse Postcard skirt but I bought it off ebay for a song in a size 8, which is usually too small, but in this skirt is actually a touch too loose.  That's okay.  I needed the extra room with the redonk amount of food I ate at Good Stuff tonight (the hamburger I ate had an egg on it, mmmm).

The space-dyed sweater is awesome, not cozy and soft, but it felt wonderful to wear all day even though it wasn't cashmere.  I have more info on this one in the review below.

Outfit Details: Space-dyed Sweater, J. Crew here; Necklace and Shoes, J. Crew; Skirt, J. Crew Factory (ebay has this one for sale--btw, the factory version is lined but the retail was not, hmm).

I chose to wear the teal shoes and the green necklace after I saw Lisa instagram with her skirt paired with a mint green top.  It looked great together, so I (sort of) copied.  :-)

Anecdote of the Day: It is really rainy and kind of chilly out there, and so rather than go to tonight's baseball game with one kid and grab bobbleheads (there was a giveaway tonight), my husband drove us all into town, had CW and I get out, GO into the game, GRAB the bobbleheads, LEAVE the game, and meet him on the road where he would be waiting for us.  LOL.  So weird.  But because I am easygoing, I just went with it.  Whatever, man.  I got a burger with an egg on top of it for my troubles. 


Space-dyed Sweater.  I saw this one a while back at J. Crew, and though I loved it right away, I knew I had to wait for a promo to get it, so the moment a 30% off and free shipping popped up, I grabbed it in the size extra-small (my usual J. Crew sweater size).  It had a bit of a backorder, but I know this is an all-season sweater (well except for the most hot and humid of days), so I was fine to wait.

It fits exactly like all my other extra-small sweaters fit, great through the shoulders, a touch big through the neckine, and with enough ease to be comfortable overall.

It has a weird composition of rayon/metallic threads and poly.  It isn't soft, and it isn't especially warm, but it is fine unless you are a super-sensitive type person.  If you find wool sweaters itchy, this may be too much for you.

The length of the sleeves is really long, and the rib trim at the cuffs and hems stretch well, but bounce back easily.  The ribbing at the sleeves is extra-long, reaching nearly to my mid-forearm.

The sweater is a mid-length, so a bit long on my body, but that is likely good for most of you since I have a shorter torso.

It looked nice with the Lighthouse skirt.  It worked even better after I put the necklace on, since the subtle golden shimmer of the sweater worked well with the necklace, while the more platinum shade the base of the sweater worked well with the skirt.  Very pretty, all the pieces together.

It stayed tucked in all day, which is not always the case with sweaters.  I was pleased since I hate it when they come untucked.

This photo shows off the color the best I could capture it in the low light of today.  It is a sheer top, so you must wear proper undergarments.  I have on a very light colored cami, and it worked fine as a piece for modesty.

It really is very shiny, and goes with so many pieces in my closet.  I can see why this shade is nearing sold out status.  At $70 (after discounts), I would say it is money spent well.

FWIW, I had been looking at the Elegant Shimmer Sweater from Boden, and price-wise, they are very similar.  That said, I think this "neither cool nor warm" shade of metallic in the space-dyed works better for my skin tone, so I am glad I went with this one.

Space-dyed Sweater (that photo is a shopsense link, btw).  The color above is the same one I chose and it is out of stock in many sizes.  There is a gold shade, though, which is fully stocked.  They had a similar sweater two years ago (though looser) and it came in the gold.  I have that one in gold, and I suspect many other women do, too.  This unusual shade is not common, so I can see why this one sold well.

Okay, I hope you all have had a great Thursday!  We'll talk soon, have a great night!