Sunday, June 21, 2015

Boden: Winter Preview 2015 Is Live!

Boden Swinging Sixties Tunic Dress available here.

UPDATE: Use code 3H2J to receive 20% off and free shipping/returns.  The date it expires is June 26!  Woah, that's a quick turnaround!  Less than five days.  :-(

Thanks to Lou who let me know that Boden's Winter 2015 Preview was live.  I have been on vacation the past week, and while I try to stay on top of stuff, this one just escaped me.  So thankfully she published a blog post on Friday to let me know that I had missed it.

The Winter items seem to be a little bit more of the same aesthetic we saw of the fall items (see my post on that here), but I will say they are a bit more jolly, which is most appropriate considering a lot of these items will be purchased to wear to festive fetes in the winter or to be given as gifts at the holiday time.  That's good.  I need an infusion of Boden fun and I was getting massively concerned that there would be no more of that now that Boden is attempting cool and sassy. So I plan to fully celebrate the bits of joy left in their lines! 

I do hope to get 'round to a picks post, but as per my fall picks, I will not be ordering, especially since I have very little income coming in with the affiliate program and Boden parting ways.  Oh, well.  I will be back to subbing in the fall and will likely be order to order some then, but until that point, I am SOL. (Well that and the fact that I don't like the way they process preview orders.)

The email address I usually receive a code from for "20% off of preview orders" has not received an email for Boden regarding Winter 2015, but maybe one of you lovely readers have some information or a code to share?  If not, I will scour and attempt to find one for you and when I do, I will update the post.

Any items you are loving from this collection? 

Have a great day!  Enjoy your Father's Day if you are celebrating it today!