Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boden: Winter 2015 Preview Picks!

I know that since Boden dropped my affiliate program, and thereby dropped me, I said I would do less with Boden overall, but I genuinely like writing up the Preview Picks Post, so for now I will keep this up.  The BWRR went to the graveyard, though, at least for now.

Of course since being dropped my income is pretty darn teeny so I can't actually order from the preview, lol, (not that I would have ordered after all the weird financial things going on with ordering).  One day maybe I will be able to again.  ;-) 

Speaking of money and finances, etc., I received a job offer from my kids' school to teach two days a week.  I am keeping this on the down low, even though they have made the announcement to the other teachers, etc. But until I have signed all the papers, I need to keep it a bit quiet.  I am so excited and grateful.  It is perfect--something stable, something I love to do, but also something that will allow me to still be home part-time since Angus is not old enough to go to full-time school yet.  I know a lot of you have been sending good thoughts my way after I told you of the unexpected loss of income, and I thank you for thinking of us.  That's the power of friendship, I tell ya!

Okay, before I show the picks, I wanted to remind you that all of the information on the preview is here at this post, and to access the preview, head on over here.  Remember, the 20% off code (3H2J) expires tomorrow night (6/26/15) if you are able to enjoy ordering from the Preview.

Vinatge Party Dress
Loving this silhouette and the amazing printed fabric.  It helps that the fabric is wool/viscose/silk, as opposed to all viscose.  This is a dress made for longevity, and if blue florals are your thing, I could see this being in your closet for years to come.

Annabel Dress
I've had a lot of luck with Boden's jacquard jersey dresses.  They hold up well, are in very interesting designs, and are very figure hugging without being too fitted, if you know what I mean.  The proportions on this are great for an office, but can easily be dressed up for a night out.

Chic Full Skirted Dress
All viscose, sigh...but that print is darling and makes me salivate.  Must resist unless said dress goes on deep sale.  (Viscose, especially of the woven variety, is very prone to shrinkage.  I always wash gentle and with cold water, that helps a bit.  NEVER put in a dryer.)

Back Detail Chic Full Skirted Dress
The back is awesome.  How freaking cute.

Cord Denim Shirt Dress
It was dresses like this that first enticed me all the way back in 2004 (been a loyal customer ever since), and I am relieved they still have some of that vintage-y, quirky, colorful playful prints in their wheelhouse.  If Boden kept this up, I would have ZERO complaints.  I know some of you are here with me on that point.

Hartland Dress
Hey, the Hartland Dress is back.  This time they put a bird or two or a gazillion on it.  Not as "fun" as the squirrels from last year (here on me), but the little blue birds are so sweet. 

Swinging Sixties Dress
I love this pattern, and the fact that it is a sweater dress, but I am sure some of you think I am out of my mind.  I don't know, the geometric aqua/mustard/white is so appealing.  I may just have to get this one if I can afford it. 

Winter Pocket Shift
There is a potential that this could either be FABULOUS or just AWFUL, and I am excited to find out which one it turns out to be.  Love the tweed fabric, very Linton of them, and the pockets on the bias, combined with the raw selvedge trim, make it a gorgeous dress to look at.  That said, it doesn't look as awesome on the model, and honestly, my hips would hate me if I attempted to scrunch them in there.

Angie Silk Top
I love that they have a 100% silk top in gorgeous wearable shades, but I am more than slightly disappointed by the neckband on this top.  It appears it was drafted too long for the neckline, leading to a wavy/floppy look on both the still photo and on the model.  It would be too distracting for me as a seamstress, but hopefully it doesn't bother the people who buy it (or they have fixed it on their manufacturing run).  Seems really sloppy.  I wonder if they had made the neckband narrower if that would have fixed this issue, but I think they wanted a thicker band, but didn't compensate for the way the band would lay with the extra width added on...

Cosy Sweat
Haha, cosy sweat.  That's pleasant sounding.  :-)  Beyond that, though, this is amazing, and I want one right now.  I will figure out someway to get this bit of glitter and comfort in my life.

Cowl Neck Cashmere Sweater
I own something very similar from PURE collection and wear it to death when traveling.  It is a wonderful addition to a carry-on, you know how cold it can get on flights.  But since it's lightweight, it doesn't take up a ton of room.  I can see this one selling out.

Reindeer Yoke Sweater
So I will admit to being just daring enough to preorder this one sweater since last year's version of this (with the penguins) sold out immediately.  I like this one more because I think the addition of tiny red pompoms for the nose is just enough to push it over into "ugly sweater" territory.  My ugly sweater (seen on me here) died a sad death when my husband washed it and then dried it on HIGH HEAT.  It is now CW's.  So I need an ugly sweater replacement (although it's really not that ugly, lol).

Relaxed Toasty Roll Neck
I love this so much.  It is long and warm looking and that color!  Thank you, Boden, for remembering we LOVE color.  It has mohair and nylon in the mix with merino, though, and I am not sure that will wear well or feel well.  I will have to see what others think of it before deciding on it for me.

Tamara Top
Dear friends of mine, say a wee little prayer that this beautiful top will make it to sale (say 35% off or so?) so I can purchase it.  Look at it, so utterly feminine and gorgeous and floral.  It is viscose, though, grr.  (But I can overlook it for the print!)

Boucle Jacket
I have made a sweater with similar fabric and I wear it a lot, so I can attest to the awesomeness of it.  It is warm, unusual, and stands up to "life."  I have a darker version (a light tan/black) boucle I bought, as well, and I think I know my next "let's copy Boden" sewing project.  I might try and make mine with closures, though, even if it is pretty without closures.

Karlie Coat
You know what?  I am not really feeling the coats this season.  They were so much better the past few years.  This Karlie coat is lovely enough, but not great enough to entice me to spend.  And I love me a pink coat (I own a stupid number of them--three, I think).

Leather Jacket

I am willing to concede to Boden on this one.  This is definitely from their "we are trying to be hip and cool" collection, and I must admit to digging it.  What a great way to do the chic, cool, modern.  That said, the price.  OUCH.  (Although it makes sense--it is all leather and all that seaming and zipper work takes a lot of work on the sewing machines.)

Lace Jumpsuit
I know the lady who chooses this and wears it well will be the envy of all of her friends.  Wow.  This is the way to make an entrance.  I won't be that lady, but I am definitely jealous of her.  ;-)

Alexis High Heel Boot
So I do like these, and I would love them even more if I was 25, in NYC in 1979, and going to Studio 54.  If you have a reason to buy them and wear them, come find me and take me with you.

Embellished T-Bar Point
I almost put these in the "Hmmm..." section, but I decided they reminded me enough of something my grandma would have worn in the 50s that I decided they deserved an actual "picks" place.  I will consider them if they go down significantly in price.

Marcy Boot
This is just a good boot, in three great, classic shades.  Nice work, Boden.  :-)

Bloomsbury Bag
Like the Marcy Boot, this bag is stunning, classic, and this peach/tan shade goes with nearly everything.

Jewelled Belt
I love wearing jeweled belts.  They really do a lot for a dress or top.  Anthropologie is usually my go-to for items like this, but the above is pretty special looking.  I am a touch concerned with the gold color in the center, it may be too harsh with the lighter shades in the rest of the belt, but I will reserve judgment until I see others' thoughts.

Cashmere Onesie
I would rather spend that money (it's a lot, you all) on the Cowl Neck Cashmere Poncho AND a couple of other items than buy this.  I mean, yes, it does look comfortable, but I can't get past wearing it and then having to go to the bathroom.  It would end up pooled up near the toilet.  EWWW.  And it's cashmere!  Why do that to cashmere!

You could spend less (but still not cheap) and buy this one instead.

Fun Slipper
Why would any adult woman want these?

(oh, wait I would, but don't tell anyone...)

London Bag
London bus seems smug and Black Taxi seems sad.  Plus they don't carry much.  Boo.

Oven Glove
I totally want one for us, but I use the one we own all the time, and therefore can justify this ridiculous purchase.  I am not sure whether to applaud Boden for branching into kitchen textiles or be all, "huh?"

Slipper Shoe
A good pun!  On a pair of shoes!  Why the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS not?

Okay so those are my choices!  What are your thoughts on this Winter Preview?