Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boden: Mid-Season Sale Time!

Good Tuesday morning, everyone!

Today is the "official" start to Boden's Summer Mid-Season sale with a lot of yummy goodies on offer--anywhere from 20%-50% off. 

Most, but definitely not all, clothing is on sale, and as usual the more popular items are either not on sale or only 20% off.  The less popular items range in % off, from 30% to 50% off.  Also many previous "clearance" items have magically appeared in this sale, lol, good trick there, Johnnie.  If you need to know if something was in the clearance before and are not sure, you can ask me in the comments.  It isn't a bad thing that they re-appeared, in fact the prices are the same as they were when they were in clearance, it is just that they are not all of a sudden receiving a big price drop the way some of the other items are.

There is no free shipping or returns on this sale, so if you decide to buy, try to compile your choices in one order since the $10 charge for shipping adds up quickly if you do multiple orders.

I received word about the sale early, but wasn't sure if I could announce the news here until today, however if you swung by my blog last night, you saw that I updated my sidebar with all the new banners for the sale (and a new banner aimed just at new customers--that bag looks awesome--too bad I am definitely NOT a new customer).  I have also put that banner at the bottom of this post for easy access to the sale.

If something you love is not in the sale and you need a coupon, my 15% off coupon still works, but that coupon does not work with the mid-season sale, sadly.

Anyhow, as per usual, it is shaping up to be a busy Tuesday, so I won't be doing any picks today, but if you have any choices, let us know in the comments!  Thank you in advance!  :-)

Above is the direct link for the sale.

Above is the new customer offer I spoke of above.

Above is the regular coupon code. ;-)