Friday, April 12, 2013

Made by Me File: Poppy Print Pocket Skirt (Simplicity 1887).

I had fallen for this lovely pants pattern from Simplicity while in my first sewing class (back in January) and even though I knew I wasn't ready to tackle the pattern then, I figured it wouldn't be super difficult for me to finish when my sewing skills were a bit better.

I had originally intended to make the trousers (view A) with this adorable poppy print cotton poplin that I found at G Street Fabrics, but I wasn't thinking when I purchased the fabric and only bought two yards instead of two and a half, which is the bare minimum I would have needed to make the trousers.

Upon showing up for part two of the sewing class, I realized my error and decided to make the skirt (view D) instead.

My favorite bit of this pattern is the retro 80s waistline, but with its more modern shaping through the skirt (a slight tulip), it doesn't look like I kept it from my junior high days.

The pockets are very deep, and because I had the assistance of my sewing teacher, these are placed perfectly and precisely.  In fact, the whole darn skirt looks nearly professional because of her tireless commitment to proper technique (there are no shortcuts used in her class, which makes the garments more time consuming to make but when they are done, they will last forever).

Simplicity sewing pattern 1887: Misses' Pants & Skirts size K5 (8-10-12-14-16)
The trousers part of the pattern definitely appear more of an homage to the 80s, but so long as the fabric isn't too reminiscent of that era, the trousers can definitely work fine now in the 10s.  (Erica B. shows how to do the trousers well.  OMG...I hope that when I sew my pair up they look even half as good as the ones she made.)

This photo is for polyvore, but shows off a bit of the details, too.

I wish the skirt was a touch longer, and had I known when I was making it that it would be a couple of inches above my knees, I would have changed the pattern to lengthen the skirt by two inches.  However...I still love it, and since this is a summer skirt, it is fine at this length.

I ended up making the largest size of the smaller sizes, I believe it was a size 14*.  I had plenty of room in the hips and the elastic waist was specifically sized for my waist, which is such a nice thing about sewing, the customization.  Love that! 

I will probably try this pattern again, but maybe in a solid wool for this fall (with a lining, of course).  This would allow me to get out of my "print safety zone," since prints hide errors more than solids, AND it would also show off the darling details at the waistband/pockets a bit better.

*Sewing patterns run small compared to current ready-to-wear sizing.  Anyone who sews clothing for themselves know this, but since this is primarily a personal style blog and not a sewing blog, I thought I would add this distinction.  ;)

This is a close-up of the fabric.  It is so cute!  It also matches the Nationals colors, so I have the exact right garment for when we go to the games.  :)

Has anyone out there tried this pattern or anything similar?