Thursday, April 11, 2013

OOTD/Review: Newquay and Cyrille.

Captain Photobomb is my name.
Day: Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

Where: Preschool Run/Gardening Class/Rex Pickup.

Ease of Wear: (3 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  Okay, this is a very lovely dress/sandal combo which technically is the very definition of easy-breezy summertime wear (highs in the upper 80s that day!), but because I was just getting over the stomach virus from h-e-double hockey sticks AND the Newquay Dress is a bit fitted in the bottom half, I was sort of uncomfortable for the first half of the day.  By the end of the day, everything was starting to feel better, so I would give it a four for comfort by then.  :)

Cool Factor: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.)  Again, felt really crappy the first part of the day, but the dress's modern shape, the clutch's darling dots, and the studded gladiators helped up my cool factor.  I received a ton of compliments on the dress, which surprised me, since I figured everyone was all, "why is she trying to force her butt into that dress?"  LOL.

Anecdote from the day:  Well, I gave you the gist in the first two categories, but my first real day back in the real world was meh at best.  It was nice to not have to wear seventeen layers, and the flowers blooming everywhere are beyond gorgeous (it's cherry blossom time here in DC), but I was a bit of a sourpuss, which is not my usual m.o.

Review of the Newquay Dress:

I thought I would be publishing the Boden Weekly Review Roundup yesterday and then reality set in when I realized I would be home all of one nanosecond.  So I thought I would at least dip my blogging feet back into the pool with a big ole combo post this morning.

Okay, so this dress seems pretty popular, not as popular as I expected it to be, but this one may get more popular as the season moves on, since this is a solid summer dress, for sure.

I bought the 6 Long, since most Boden jersey dresses fit me in a size 6.  This was no exception, except for the aforementioned fitted skirt that I was not expecting, since I think it looks a-line in the model shot.  It isn't a terrible fit on me, in fact because the shoulders are shaped the way they are, the dress gives me a balanced look (even from the back) that I am not normally to achieve with my clothing.  It just becomes imperative that I wear the proper undergarments to ensure no VPL.

The long is quite long, which I adore, since it grazes my knees.  However, with the extra length comes extra length in the torso, which means I have a very blousey bodice that somewhat hides the darling yellow elastic waistband detail.  No biggey, but want the rest of you "tall, but short torso" ladies to know that this dress has that particular feature.

I don't mind the pockets, and found I used them throughout the day, but since they are somewhat "on-seam," they puckered a bit at the hip, which is not the place I need that to be happening.  I probably will tack them down a bit on either end of the pocket with my sewing machine to see if that helps (but still leaving enough room to place my hands).

The cotton is super, super soft and very thick, so it is going to last a long time.  For the $78 they are asking (which really goes down with Boden's omnipresent coupons--btw, the one in my sidebar is working again), you get a great dress.  They could have charged more and I don't believe anyone would have complained.

Newquay Dress
The model looks really cute in her version. 

Review of the Cyrille Sandals:

I missed out on these studded gladiator sandals when J. Crew debuted them a few years ago, and sort of have been sad ever since (not depressed or anything, just "aw, would have liked to have them" kind of sadness).  Well, lo and behold, these beauties come out this last rollout (the March one) and at the same time as a pretty decent full-price coupon.  Woo!  They look exactly the same as the ones I missed out on, so I was stoked.

I bought them in my usual size 9.5 and they fit perfectly, nice and long, but narrow enough that my foot isn't flopping out.  The smart folks at J. Crew even added enough holes in the closure there at the ankle to ensure all varieties of ankle widths would be able to wear these.

Even my freaky, smaller than a toddler's, little toe is able to be ensnared by the straps, which is not always the case with my sandals.  (BTW, does anyone else have a massive big toe and a teeny little toe?  It just seems weird, but feet are weird inherently, I guess.)

The leather is nice, and the studs are very sturdy.  The sole is not leather (at least the copy at says it's manmade), but the the sole is comfortable, regardless.

Alrighty, that's all for today.  About to run off and beat some ladies at bowling.  Ha, as if.  ;)