Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Gingham Style.

Happy Tuesday! 

So instead of waiting to publish this review roundup on its "usual" Wednesday, I thought it would be best to get it out there and concentrate on catching up on my ever-growing backlog of ootds/reviews/made by me posts. 

I should be back on a normal schedule by next week, and am grateful for the opportunity to slow down a bit.  I feel so lucky that traveling has been part of our lives lately, but with three kids and a routine, traveling is always a bit hard to recover from.  ;)

No special announcements this week other than the usual:

1. New set of trim items are at 20% off (and if you use the sidebar coupon or the one at the bottom of this post you will get an additional 15% off).  It seems like every week new things are added, while many things from the previous weeks stay.  I think the trim is a good deal if you think it will be a "one week only" type item OR if you need it now.  Otherwise you can probably wait for a better discount.

2. My current coupon code isn't set to expire for a while, but if you do notice that it isn't working, do let me know, since it has had days where it goes "off."  As soon as that happens, the affiliate program likes to know to ensure that it can be fixed right away.  :)  (You can definitely e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.)

3. I have received some great questions and ideas in the recent comments here at the blog.  I am definitely working my way through them, so if you think I am ignoring you, I *promise, hand on heart,* that I will get to your comment! 

Okay, onto the roundup!

Gingham Shirt Dress.  I had problems with this one and the correct size for me.  I bought the 6 long initially because a lot of Boden is running large these past two seasons.  I received the 6 and while it fit, it just was "off" in the skirt portion and the slip bit was very much hugging my curves.  Because the slip was shorter than the skirt itself, I felt it and it bugged me tremendously.  So even though it looked good and required zero alteration through the bodice, I returned it for the 8 Long.

Above is the 8 long and as you can see, I LOVE IT.  The bodice is a titch too big (more obvious in the next photo) but the skirt feels great and because the slip isn't touching my legs, I am not annoyed.

I decided to belt it for my day out with my brother (Winesday--woo!), but I ended up taking the belt off later in the day (the high was 90 so it was HOT HOT HOT), and  I ended up liking it better that way.

Back view.  You cans see how the bodice has a lot of extra fabric.  This is a dress that is very straight up and down, so the waist measurement is nearly the same as the hips and bust.  That said, there is a bit of shaping, so when worn belt-less, it doesn't look too sack-like.

I will probably end up trying to add some shaping on my sewing machine, but I need to figure that out before I do anything since I definitely don't want to screw that alteration up.  If you sew and have an idea, I am all ears!

Side view.  The reason the slip stops short of the skirt bottom is because the skirt has two side slits at the hem.  I don't know if given the choice that I would have that, but since I didn't design it, I have no say in the matter. 

No belt.  I ended up preferring it this way.  I don't know, maybe I am crazy, but I just think it looks and feels better this way.  Very simple and casual, but still very pretty.

The color is exactly the same as it is on the website, which thrilled me as I adore this shade of buttery yellow.

Gingham Shirt Dress.  Egyptomaniac has the same dress, but in navy, and man does she make it look good!

Gingham Shirt Dress
Gingham Shirt Dress.  Many sizes and colors left, but I would say jump on it if it goes on further sale since I don't think it will stick around.

Easygoing Top
Easygoing Top.  Egyptomaniac also gives us a great review of this very versatile top that is currently part of the trim sale (with the exception of the navy color which is not part of the trim).

Newquay Dress
Newquay Dress.  I wore this recently on another very hot day here and so did Lou on her voyage to another hot climate--Dubai.  It seems if you need a dress for heat, this is the one to get.  ;)  (It is also selling well, so definitely grab if you think you would use it sooner than later.  This won't be long in the sale come clearance time.)

Casual Weekend Dress
Casual Weekend Dress.  Lou wore this pretty dress again recently as part of a easy "dressy casual" look. 

Okay that's it for this week.  :) 

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