Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boden: Four Days Only! 30% Off Everything!

Well, folks, it appears with this latest promo we are now in the stretch towards the end of season clearance sale time at Boden.  I have seen years where this end of season sale has been as high as 40% off, but based on the amount of out of stock/low stock items over at Boden, they can be a little less "giving" with their last big sale of the spring/summer lines.  Still 30% is nothing to sniff at, and besides last week's 40% off 40 items promo (ended last night), this is the best reduction I have seen all season.

Basically my advice is the same as it has been in years past...do not purchase items that have languished and have had the blue "full stock" box the entire season.  Those will be reduced greater than 30% (likely--don't brand me with a hot iron if I am wrong) during the clearance sale.  This 30% off everything sale is best for those items that are close to selling out or have sold out and you see that they have popped back in your size and/or color choice.  You can go ahead and buy an item in your size and color if it is fully stocked but other sizes and colors are sold out since that usually is enough proof to Boden that the item is selling well.  (For instance, I bought the casual jersey dress--review here, btw--last night in my size in the navy, with the 40% off, even though all the smaller sizes are fully stocked.  The bigger sizes were all sold out and I figured that the 40% would be the best price I would see on that color, even in the clearance sale.)

The IRL reviews of many of the pieces from this season can be found in all the BWRRs here.  Since the last BWRR, I have published two separate review posts that are here and here, just in case you were interested in any of those items (Selina Dress, Ariette Dress, Anna Dress--Johnnie b., and the Laid Back Dress).

If you have any questions, I will be around all day, so there is a good chance I should be able to answer them quickly. 

Enjoy (sale) shopping!

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30% Off EVERYTHING plus Free Shipping