Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Grey and Yellow Abigail.

Let's just get started:

1. Boden cracked out another set of items on 30% off this week (last week it was dresses).  This time they have beach items for sale, which in Boden land basically means "anything that can be remotely tied to sun, sand, and surf.Take a look here for all the ladies items, but be aware that all the lines have items in their 30% off selection, including mini, baby, Mens, and Johnnie b.

2. In the past few weeks, Boden rolled out what they are calling their "Festival" line, which is a very British thing.  When I lived there (college semester abroad) it was fall, so no festivals of the sort going on, but from what I can tell they are huge in the spring and early summer.  I guess it is like Coachella, another ??? on my part.  Gawd, I must seem so lame.  LOL.  *I did, however, go to Lollapalooza in 1992, thankyouverymuch, saw Pearl Jam back "before" they were popular, cough, cough.*  Anyhow, blahblah, Fashion Mommy took a look at the line comparing to actual festival goers over the years and was wondering what you thought?  Is the line doing Festival time justice or not so much? 

3. Many upcoming reviews in the future, for all of you wondering what in the world is going on at the blog.  Been a bit busy so the blog has been slow in response.  Queue is long, but want to get the reviews out (both good and bad) before the big clearance time in July. I haven't really gone off Boden, it just seems that way.  Blame the kids.  ;-)

4. I was reading the reviews for the Santorini Sundress over at Boden, when I stumbled across one who said she had read my review of this dress (the review is here) and even though she was excited to get it in her hands, it was so short-waisted on her that she had to return it.  That made me feel just terrible.  So I am going to let you all know that this is the case for at least one person, and if you tend towards having a longer torso to keep this in mind when purchasing this dress.  Since I have a very short torso for my height (my back length is a mere 15.5 inches from neck to natural waist--usually women my height are closer to 16.5 or 17 inches there), things that run shorter in the bodice fit me well.  I hope that I don't often lead people astray, but I really do feel quite awful that I wasn't as clear as I should have been in the original review!!!

Regular Boden:
Abigail Dress.  Size 10 Long.  As a reminder, I purchased this in a size 8 Long, and it fit, but barely.  After lots of hemming and hawing on my part, I decided to exchange it for the size up, and ultimately that was a smart decision since this version fits my hips much better. 

I haven't worn a size 10 in a dress in a long time.  So pear shapes--take note--this dress's skirt runs very narrow.  And since I don't want to wear this with spanx in the summertime, I think going with the size that gives me more ease was smart.

I styled it with a cute lightweight sweater jacket from J. Crew a few years back.  Since I was going to church and it was cool that day, I knew that would be the best option.

I love it on its own, though, without the jacket.  The extra blousey top half looks intentional (this is what happens when a size 6 upper body wears a size 10 bodice, lol) and helps to even out my shape a bit.

The belt is nice to cinch in the dress, but I actually found the dress felt better without it, but since I wanted the dress to be dressier rather than casual, I opted to keep the belt on.

The skirt is quite long in the long version, so if you are someone tall or you prefer your knees covered, this is the dress for you.  :-)

The material is exceptionally beautiful.  Love the grey and yellow together so much.

Abigail Dress
Abigail Dress.  The color I am wearing is not close to selling out except in one size.  Probably can wait for a better deal to buy it, but the non-floral shades are definitely running low in stock.

Nancy Dress
Gingham Shirt Dress
Nancy Dress and Gingham Shirt Dress.  Blog post with photos here (includes links in post to written reviews).  The Nancy Dress is currently in the 30% off items, so that is a good price.  The Gingham Shirt Dress is not in that sale, but it doesn't have to be, what with the popularity of it and all.  That said, the 25% off is a decent price for it, if this style works for you.

Silky Vintage Top
Silky Vintage Top.  Blog post here with review.  The Silky Vintage Top is not really close to selling out in the two colors I don't own, so you can probably wait for a better price if you want the dark floral or beach print version.  If you like the yellow/pink/green floral or green leafy version, those are definitely getting low in stock.

Summer Sandal
Everyday Tunic Dress.
Summer Sandals and Everyday Tunic Dress.  Lou very carefully examines the Summer Sandal for us in this review, which is very helpful considering that these sandals have been super popular and if you can find a popback, it will be lovely to know exactly what size to buy.  Her friend also makes a brief appearance at the same post wearing the Everyday Tunic Dress (hi, Lou's friend, you look awesome in that dress!).

Sixties Ponte Dress
Pretty Pendant
Easy Day Dress
Sixties Ponte Dress, Pretty Pendant, and Easy Day Dress.  Liz wears her Sixties Ponte Dress here, looking amazing.   Her sister-in-law is also featured in the post (happy birthday!) and she is wearing the pink and orange version of the Easy Day Dress.

Flowershow Dress
Flowershow DressThe beautiful Monica showed this dress off in MARCH.  I even "hearted" the post in bloglovin' so I wouldn't forget to show it off to all of you.  Guess who forgot?  Yeah, me!  Great job, Dina.

Okay, so that's it for now.  Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday!