Friday, June 13, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Keeping it Casual. But Not Really.

Hey, all!  Happy Friday.  :-)  Hope everyone had a great work week. 

Today is Rex's last day of school (CW's was last Thursday), so after today I have the luxury of no school runs.  Of course I now have three children under 8 to keep happy, content, and chill, but hey, no NOVA driving during rush hour.  LOL. 

Alrighty, no big news this week, but a quick reminder that as of right now you have three more days to enjoy the 30% off knitwear, tops, and coats sale happening at Boden.  On Monday there will be a new set of reductions, if the past three weeks are any indication.  Obviously whatever happens I will let you know about either here or over at my Facebook page.

One thing of interest to those of you that sew and wear Boden...a lady named HRigg over at Sewing Pattern Review sewed up a version of the Everyday Tunic Dress (there was a linked review of it in last week's BWRR, btw).  I am stunned by the craftsmanship.  She really did make an honest-to-goodness dupe.  Maybe one day I can try to do something similar.  Anyhow, bravo!

Regular Womenswear:
Casual Jersey Dress Size 8 Long. Thanks to Shopwithm's beautiful polyvore set featuring this dress, I decided I needed to try this dress even though it hadn't been on my radar, AT ALL.  I normally do gravitate towards these sort of styles and prints, but I totally had not even noticed this one.  So thank you, M, since this is easily one of my favorites from this season.  (In fact, I am going to grab the navy one, too, but on deeper discount since that one is fully stocked in all sizes right now.)

The long is quite long.  It ends at an inch and a half below my knees, but since I have a longer calf in comparison with my thigh length, apparently this length works for my frame.  I don't think the regular would have been too short, but it is really nice to have a dress this length for occasions where a more modest length is appropriate.  (And for you ladies who have to have a sleeve, this cap sleeve, while not long, should be more than modest enough for your needs.)

The 6 Long was not an option for me when I was purchasing this one, and I am not displeased with the fit of the 8 Long.  It *is* probably a bit too big in the bodice, especially by the end of the day when fabric gets a bit stretched out, but in this lighter shade, having something that skims the body is probably a better look for me, so I think this size is the right choice for this color.  I do think I will try the 6 Long in the navy and possibly hem the skirt up a bit, so I have a dress that is a bit less modest (though still conservative).

Some reviewers are put off by its silhouette, and I think if you do choose a size that is too large and long, it could veer to frumpy very fast.  Just a warning.  I also want to mention that the waist does hit right below my bustline, so if an empire style doesn't work for you, bear that in mind.

The jersey fabric is amazing, though.  It is a lovely mix of cotton and elastane, which makes it breathable and very comfortable.

The back view shoes that the jersey is exactly fitted to my shape, and there is very little above the hipline wrinkling that I normally I get with tops and dresses.  Yes!

Close up of the details.  A lot of the reviewers were put off by the edging since it was unfinished.  I am less put off by that since I know that knit fabric doesn't ravel the way other fabrics like silk and cotton would.  It is not a finished look, but this particular treatment doesn't bother me.  But it will bother some of you, so I had to put it out there.  ;-)

Casual Jersey Dress
Casual Jersey Dress. Selling like hotcakes, except in the navy floral and pink fern colors. 

Emily Skirt
Emily Skirt.  Worn by me recently out with the family.  It was nice to wear it for summer.  :-)  First time I wore it I had to pair it with tights and a cardigan.

Bistro Short
Bistro Short.  Worn twice but not blogged, so I threw them both together in one post (along with the Emily skirt above).

Skinny Jeans
Pretty Pendant
Soft Leather Bowling Bag
Skinny Jeans, Pretty Pendant, and Soft Leather Bowling Bag.  Lizzy puts together a pretty combo featuring three pieces from the current Boden collection.  :-) (The link to the skinny jeans gets you to the clearance skinny jeans, the link to the current skinny jeans for the spring season is here.)

Clearance Boden:
Riviera Shirt Dress
Riviera Shirt Dress.  Monica is wearing this in navy blue for Norway's 200th Birthday.  Since the Norwegian flag is red, white, and blue, her choice for celebrating it was to wear this dress with darling red shoes.  Good choice, and you looked beautiful for your country's independence day!  I have a feeling a few American ladies may decide to dress in a similar way on our country's birthday.  Thank you for the inspiration!

Okay, so that's it for today.  Not a ton here, but lots of pretty garments, for sure.  I will be back with more regularity now that this season is coming to an end, want to make sure I get all the reviews up and ready to go before the big sales/clearance time happens in a few weeks.  If you have any reviews for me, do either post them at the Boden reviews tab, or email me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.  If you are one of my "regular" blog reads, I should catch your review, but it never hurts to give me a poke and prod, lol.

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