Monday, June 30, 2014

Boden: Winter 2014 Preview Picks!

Hi!  Good Monday to you all.  :-)

Both computers in my house died, you all knew about the first one, but this second one took us by surprise.  Sigh.  We do have a new computer on its way to us, but won't be with us till tomorrow (happy birthday present, I suppose!), so I am typing away on my best friend's computer.  She is in town visiting, and thankfully she is willing to let me use hers for a few moments to get this post published.  I definitely wanted to spend more time on the preview picks, but given the limits on time and all the hardware issues we are having, I think this will be the best I can do.

My blog friend Monica already did her picks, so definitely check hers out when you grab a moment!

So this 20% off preview code X7V8 is ending so early this time.  We just got news of the preview a couple of weeks ago (at this post here) and here it is, only one day left to enjoy the code.  Hmm.  I remember a time not that long ago that you had nearly a month to make decisions.

The big Boden clearance sale hasn't started for spring/summer 2014 yet, and I have never seen them start the sale on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, so maybe we'll see the big sale start this Friday?  Anyhow ALL of my coupon links have expired, and I haven't heard from the affiliate program on any new coupons, so if any of you all have a code you can share on current spring/summer items (just in case you wanted to buy something before the sale), would you mind sharing with us in the comments?  :-)  Thank you!

Okay onto the picks!  I am linking to them tonight but won't be able to add any commentary other than a link to a review of me wearing it (if I own it from last season).  During the day tomorrow I will add a few bits here and there about each piece when I get a few moments to sit down and write!  :-)

Amelia Coat. 

Claudia Coat. 

Ingrid Coat.  Link to the review from last year.  Here it is in a more casual outfit. 

Charlbury Dress. 

Chic Tweed Shift Dress.  Review here.  Second outing here.

Hartland Dress. 

Milano Dress. 

Sequin Shimmer Party Dress. 

British Tweed Mini.

Millie Skirt. 

Everyday Sweater. 

Festive Fun Sweater. 

Sequin Cardigan.  I own the original of this from way back when the Boden Limited Edition line started.  This current price is STEEP.  WOW!

 Multi Stripe Tee. 

Perfect Party Top. 

Textured Silk Blouse. 

Wool Blend Cowl Neck Top.

Bistro Crop Trousers.  Have these in a similar check from last season.

Jewelled Flats.

Printed Scarf. 

One Piece Sports Swimsuit. 

Okay that's it for my picks!  Did you all see anything else that you would like to add to the mix?  Talk with you all tomorrow!