Saturday, September 27, 2014

Boden: 20% Off Everything Until Monday!

Boho Boot--20% Off During the Sale!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hadn't even noticed the 20% off sale until I saw a few references to it, like at Mumsnet and at the "Pear to Remember" blog.  LOL.  I am so involved in this sewing competition from Friday to Tuesdays that I sort of just put it all to the side, with brief interludes of eating, parenting, and computer-checking.  Thank goodness my hubby is being really supportive of this crazy time.  :-)

Anyhow, based on this new information, I will definitely be writing up the Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow morning, since I would like for you all to see the reviews before the sale ends.  For now you all can check out the ones that have been done so far this season here.

In other news, Boden finally increased their prices on the clearance items back from the amazing "up to 80% off" they had going for a couple of weeks (longer than they said they would have the sale for, btw), but apparently they have raised them to *above* where they were before the "up to 80% off" happened.  UGH!  Emily (a friend from FB) clued me into this and I am just as irritated by it as she (and everyone else) probably is.  I am hoping that Boden fixes that before too long.

Finally, if you haven't had a chance to enter to win the $125 to be used at Boden giveaway, make sure you stop on by this post and leave a comment so you can be entered.  I cannot believe how many people have entered.  This is awesome!  I am so excited that one of you all will be receiving this great prize!

Alrighty, have a great rest of your weekend.  As for me, I will be deeply involved in making a "red" dress from a vintage pattern from 1969.  Wish me luck!

P.S. To receive the 20% off, they want you to click on a link on their home page that says "click to apply the code F7A2," just so you know.  I was a little confused on how to get it, but then I saw the link!