Sunday, September 28, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Yummy New Arrivals and the End of a Sale!

I hope all of you are well.  I am doing my best to get my dress done in time for Tuesday's due date over at the Fashion Challenge at Fabric Mart's blog, and it is looking good so far.  For those of you that are curious, I am doing the sleeveless version of this dress in two different red fabrics (one printed, one solid) and a sash (no belt carriers, though).  We'll see if it's enough to keep me in for another week.

Before we start this roundup, I want to make sure you know about two things:

1. Boden started a sale either Friday or Saturday (found out on Saturday, but it could have started Friday).  I wrote up more info on the sale here at this blog post.  FWIW, the sale is 20% off everything.

2. My giveaway (which was sponsored by Boden) for $125 to Boden ends this Friday, October 3, 2014.  Make sure you enter.  Sadly, it is for US residents only, but I do know that they definitely have giveaways for those of you from the other side of the pond, and if I read about those, I will make sure to let you know.

Onto the roundup, and some pretties!

Regular Boden:
Sorry about the exposure.  It was a dark day outside and try as I might, I couldn't quite get the right lighting. 
Everyday Sweater, Eliza Coat, and Hartland Dress.  The Everyday Sweater/Jumper is a size 6R, the Eliza Coat is a size 8R, and the Hartland Dress is a size 8L.

The Everyday Sweater and Eliza Coat are definitely available at the website, but the Hartland Dress is MIA.  This COLOR of the Everyday Sweater is not on the site, though, even though they have a photo of it in yellow on the model.  I assume the Hartland Dress is proving popular in preview and they needed to wait to roll it out to get more stock?  But I could be completely wrong.  :-)  I don't know what is going on with this sweater.  Just weird.

Hartland Dress.  Size 8L.  This dress is so cute!  It does run big, but I can't size down, since I really like the way the hips fit me.  I think I will just take in the side seams above the waistline to narrow the bodice to my proper size.  The neckline may still be a touch too large, and if that is the case, I will add some neck darts (in the back).

The material is a really soft stretchy cotton corduroy, printed with the world's most adorable squirrel print.  Up close it is a wonder this could translate well into a women's dress, but it does.  It is likely because it is a more muted colorway and the pattern doesn't read so cutesy from far away.

Eliza Coat.  Size 8R.  There are no longs in this coat, but this one fits well in the 8R as far as length.  I do want to note that I normally purchase size 6 when purchasing coats from Boden, but this year, the two coats I ordered have come up small in size (this one in the shoulders, oddly enough).  If you carry your weight up top, you may end up having to go up two sizes, just a word of warning.  In the size 8R, the coat fits me the way it does the catalog model, which was the look I was going for, so I am pleased. 

This photo doesn't really show the color properly, but if you go to the Everyday Sweater item page, the sweater in the color Allium is a good representation of what the color looks like in real life.  I really like this kind of dusky pink color for myself, not as pastel and stark as baby pink nor as bright and in your face as fuchsia (though I do love fuchsia). 

This coat is not the best coat if you need or want a coat for super cold frigid and windy days.  It is good for what we get a lot of here in VA, those kind of cool, mid-40s as a high, days that we have between November and February.

Everyday Sweater.  Size 6R. I had no idea that the everyday sweater had this cute hem detailing at the side seams, but wasn't displeased upon discovering it.

The sweater hits at the high hip, which means it may be a touch short on you if you have a longer torso (I have a relatively short torso for my height).

The material is a luscious merino wool and cotton, so it is soft and warm.  The print is very pretty in a retro way, which is my "thing," so of course I wanted it.  I have enough yellow in my wardrobe, so I went with the blue/evergreen color instead.

Millie Skirt, Glamorous Knitted Dress, and Rainy Day Mac.  The skirt and dress are in size 6L, while the mac is in size 6R.

All three of these are available on the website.  For a brief moment, it appeared this color of the rainy day mac had sold out, but it was back in all sizes in less than a week, so maybe it was a snafu?

Rainy Day Mac.  I should have ordered the 8R when originally ordering, but *only* because it is a touch tight in the mid-hip, and because the zip is not one of those awesome double ended zips, where you can unzip from the bottom, too.  If it had one of those zips, I would keep the 6R since it fits wonderfully everywhere else.  Oh, well.  Will be exchanging for the new size soon enough, and if a bit big everywhere else, I guess I'll live, since I don't know that I have the technical skills to alter this one on my sewing machine.

I just love this print.  I am a sucker for all things British (hey, mumsnet ladies--a bit of anglophile, lol), and this called out to me in preview.

I am sad to read that it may not be as waterproof as I hoped, but I love the fleece lining and how wind proof it is...will be wonderful for those days I go to the city and need the protection from the elements.  (I rely far too much on my van's heated seating most of the time.)

Glamorous Knitted Dress.  I think the 6L was the right call, it is just fitted enough, but because it is knit, in no way is it too tight.  It reminds me a lot of this knitted dress I own from them from a few years back, with the obvious difference being the color and pattern.

What attracted me to this was the pattern and is more than appropriate enough to teach school in, but is also dressy enough to go to a party or out to dinner.  The gold in the photo above is metallic gold thread, so it is a bit shiny, but in a subdued way.

The reviews (two of them) online are funny.  One lady LOVES hers, while the other one HATES hers.  I love mine, but I think it could potentially be scratchy if you are sensitive to that, and it may be too high-waisted for some of you.  Just some things to keep in mind.

Millie Skirt.  Yeah, yeah, two British items.  It is a sickness.  :-D

The skirt is made very well, lined in a poly so it can be worn with tights in winter, and with a nice thick cotton fabric for the outer fabric (not quite canvas--but close).

The one gripe I have is the waistband.  The skirt fits and fits very well, but I have to get it over my head since I can't extend the waistband enough to fit over my hips to bring it up the way you would normally put on a skirt.  Not really a big deal, but I have to be careful when doing that so as to not get makeup, etc., on it.

Everyday Sweater
Eliza Coat
Millie Skirt
Glamorous Knitted Dress
Rainy Day Mac
Everyday Sweater, Eliza Coat, Millie Skirt, Glamorous Knitted Dress, and Rainy Day Mac.  The Hartland Dress is not on the site, when it is, I will make sure to update the blog and let you all know.  As far as I can tell, the Everyday Sweater in the pretty rose pattern is not there, either.  Everything else is on the site, and in stock, though some may be backordered in some sizes.

Pattern Sweater
Pattern Sweater.  I wore it as part of a "not quite ready for fall" outfit.  Thank goodness our summer is back.  Phew.  ;-)

Amy dress
Amy Dress.  I am nearly 100% sure that all of you have seen me in this, but just in case, here is the link.

Cambridge Skirt
Cambridge Skirt.  Lou wore hers as part of a "warm weather" look recently.

Animal print top
Animal Print Top.  Lou gives us a review of this top here.

Hotchpotch Pattern Sweater
Hotchpotch Pattern Sweater.  The Pear to Remember blog shows off an outfit featuring this sweater in the yellow color. 

Clearance Boden (be aware prices have gone back up to higher prices from what they were a couple weeks ago):
Soho Blouse
Soho Blouse.  Avril wore the cute navy spotted version recently in a smart casual daytime look.

Okay, I think that's it for tonight!  Thanks again to all my blog friends for their great reviews!

In order to get the 20% off, you need to make sure to click on the link on the homepage that says: "Click to apply the code 47A2."  Remember the sale ends tomorrow night!