Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boden: Diminishing Discount Time! Yeah!

Hi, all!  Happy Sunday morning!

I received multiple notices that this sale was going to start today, one from the affiliate program, one in the form of a postcard from Boden themselves, and a notice on Lou's blog.  I misread the notice and the email from the affiliate so I mistakenly thought the sale was set to start tomorrow.  Thankfully, Lou's post clued me in, and I woke up today ready to announce the sale and give you all the link to the sale from the affiliate.  There are two links, one in the sidebar and one at the bottom of this post.

Because I have been VERY busy getting my entry ready for the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge Sewing contest this week (read more about what they are asking us to do here*--seems easy, but I feel like if I don't do *enough* I will be cast out as quickly as you can say "sewing challenge!"), I have been BAD about getting ootd, review, or other posts up for you all.  To make up for it, I figured I could at least add a mini-review of the tunic you see above in the header photo since I have actually worn it out and have photos of me in it.

*The original post at the blog at Fabric Mart describing the contest has disappeared.  Which is weird.  Whatever.  At least one of my fellow competitors wrote up a blog post on the contest so you all can see what it is.  :-)  Thanks, Sue!

Must Have Tunic.  Size 6L.  I apologize for the terrible lighting.  We were headed to church in a crazy rainstorm and the lighting inside was bad, while the lighting outside was marginally less bad.  I look forward to actually wearing this again and getting better light and views.

Anyhow, the size 6L fits exactly the way other jersey tunics have fit me in the past, fitted, but not so tight that it is indecent (hey, I wore it to church!).  But I will say this--if you are a bit more "blessed" up top, you may want to size up to make sure your assets are covered completely.

I really liked how nicely shaped the top half is, especially how narrow it is in the upper ribcage.  I felt tiny through there.  I dislike the gathering right below that, though.  There is a reason the gorgeous Edda is covering her belly with a book in the stock photo from Boden (see it below).  She probably had the weird looking gathers on her, too, even in that amazing studio lighting, so they handed her the book and said, "go, cover that bad baby up."  LOL.  Is the gathering enough to make me return?  Nah.  In real life, you don't even notice it.  I think still photos are hard for some fabrics/styles and while they look perfectly normal when just worn out, can look stupid weird in photos.

Must Have Tunic
Must Have Tunic.  None of the sizes are sold out.  This is an item that can be worn now, though, so if you wanted something that is multi-season, this is a great choice.

Anyone have any picks that they see from the sale they want to give a shout-out to?

Alrighty, have a great rest of your day!

Link to sale below: