Friday, September 12, 2014

Boden: One Weekend Only! Clearance Items Prices Slashed!


Okay, so I see that the title of this post is a bit "used car salesman," but lol, this is actually a really big deal in Boden-land.  As the regulars of Boden know, Boden does not ever slash or reduce their clearance items.  There is never an extra % off (like the way Madewell, Loft, or J. Crew), and in fact, Boden is known to be quite stingy with their clearance items.  It has often been said that if you want something from Boden at a good price, you buy it in the last few weeks BEFORE clearance comes around (last season it was for between 40-50% off).  As crazy as this sounds, you will usually get a better price doing it that way than waiting for the *big* sale time.

Then last year (Fall/Winter 2013), Boden tried this new idea...for one weekend only they would slash prices SUPER low and see what happened.  Well, yeah, it was an amazing success, and items were flying off their virtual shelves.  But because Boden is Boden (and I do love them so!), on the day after the big clearance sale ended, all of the items went back up to their *normal* clearance prices.

Last year I was lucky enough to buy a coveted item of mine that was out of reach during regular season AND clearance time, the Jewelled Collar Sweater.  The weekend of the big clearance sale it went down to $30 from $100 (yeah, the $100 was the "sale" price).  You can see that here at the bottom of this BWRR.  So I can definitely recommend the big clearance sale!  :-)

(I do want to point out that while that sweater is still around, it is $90 this weekend, which gives me the big "huh?"  I don't get it.  That is one item they could reduce to $30 and be done with, if they just reduced it again.  Seriously.  But I don't make the calls, so there you go.  They are bound to have their reasons.)

This year there are a ton of options to choose from, but there is one item that is so low-priced that I love from this summer that I recommend all of you go out and buy it (well, if the dress suits your figure, of course), the Casual Jersey Dress (review here).  The navy blue floral version I purchased is $15.60!  Woah.  That's a pretty great price for what you receive!

Okay, that's it for now.  To get free shipping, you do have to have $50 in your basket, so bear that in mind.  The 15% off regular season items is still around, fwiw, too.

Anyone out there spy a really great deal they want to share?

Link to the sale (which also gives 15% off and free shipping) is below:
Shop Boden's Clearance Sale for up to 80% Off!