Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Boden: Not Giving Me Any Time Off! Sale and Spring Preview 2015 News!

Edda!  She's in a pretty dress!

Hi, all!  Well this would have been published this morning except that I had to finish up some last minute details on my red dress for the Fashion Challenge over at Fabric Mart.  I was all sure that I was doing well during this week's challenge, all caught up, BUT NOOOOOO, lol.  Anyhow, for those of you curious, I included a photo of me in it at the end of this post.  I will do the made by me file tonight or tomorrow morning. 

Extra 30% Off Clearance:
ANYHOW.  Turns out that Boden may be sneaking in some "American" type ideas in their business model since this morning my affiliate program let me know that *for two days only* (today and tomorrow), they would be giving an additional 30% off all clearance items.  SO *that's* why the prices went back up.  Sneaky.  If you see something in clearance that you love that is a good price after the 30% off, definitely go for it, and hopefully it is at the same price it was when they had their awesomeness sale a few weeks back, when the clearance items were up to 80% off.

(Just checked the link, btw, below, and I can't seem to make it work.  I will email the affiliate manager and ask what is up, but if you manage to make it work, would you let us know?)

Link to the Extra 30% Off Clearance:
Shop Boden for an additional 30% off clearance!

Spring Preview 2015:
Lou, and CC through her, let us know that the spring preview is live.  *Yes, cc, that is really early.*  Geez, if the items were in production now, I could buy them and wear them for an additional month around here, lol.  But, still, PRETTY SPRING ITEMS!  The email with the 20% off plus free shipping/returns came while I was writing this, and it is F9Z8 (the code expires October 13).  Enjoy!  Boden Preview is here.

Okay, there's more out there to talk about, but I have to get going, so I am going to wait to talk about other Boden news for a couple of days.  ;-)

This is my red dress.  This is based off a vintage 1969 Simplicity pattern (7984, here).  I chose to make the sash double-sided, one side is the same red fabric as the skirt, while the other side is black.  I will show off images of the dress worn without the sash, with the black side of the sash, and more in the made by me file.  But that won't be for a bit, so here's a sneak peek.  BTW, after sewing it up, I realized it reminded me a lot of the Vestiges Dress from Anthropologie, which I still have and love.  I guess I just really like the "it looks like it could be a skirt and a top with a big ole sash kind of dress."

Okay, off to go to do parental duties!  Have a great Tuesday afternoon!