Friday, November 5, 2010

Anthro Afternoon Delight...

Lazy, lazy dinagideon, no desire to update yesterday. :)

I hope you all have had a great end to your week. I have! I *finally* got paid for teaching my Fall Into Fashion class. I only had to threaten to quit plead nicely to receive the check (was supposed to come on Tuesday).

I will admit to maybe, just maybe grabbing a beautiful Milly sweater in my size (in the black and white colorway), as it is on sale, and oh, so, lovely. Nice little treat, and I can wear it to my winter intersession class. (BTW, anyone have a good name for my Winter class?  I was thinking Wear Winter Well, but I don't know...sort of stumped here.)

Today I am showing off three Anthropologie outfits that I have worn in the past month...

First up is the Vestiges Dress.  I have had my eye on this all summer long, and when I couldn't wait any longer, I bought it off ebay for a substantial amount of savings over its full price.  It did make it to sale but as of today only size 2 and 8 are left.  And I know why--because it is AWESOME.

I took a size 4 in this...I have one other shirt from Girls of Savoy (blue one with the ruffles) and that is in a 2, so I know this brand runs large.  The four is perfect everywhere, but especially in the bust, where it is just fitted enough.  The minor miracle is that it fits just wide enough to accommodate my larger hips.

The belt is quite long, but I just played with it until it worked for my waist.

I had heard this dress was very constricting through the neckline, and I truly understand that.  Although it didn't bother me in the least, I could see how the sheer excess of ruffles could get on the nerves.

Hand on hip and my girl in her own frilly floral frock.  She, btw, told me that we matched as I had flowers and she had flowers.  God, I love two-year olds, they are so freaking cute.  ;)

Outside church.  We have now moved to the stage where Rex does well at church and CW does not.  Sigh.  I chose to keep her out as long as possible, her sweet little voice becomes almost manly in volume when she enters the marble encased hall of worship.  To keep her amused, I took pics of us and then showed them to her.  She loved this one, especially.

This is an Anthro dress from last season called the Whirling Ruffles Sweater dress.  I bought this on super sale, and I am glad I did.  This is easily one of the comfiest, warmest dresses I own.  It was *just* chilly enough that morning for me to wear it layered with a Boden cardigan, a J. Crew skinny belt, and some Cole Haan sandals.  Sadly, this outfit can't be worn now, it has turned a bit too frigid here and I had to put all my sandals away for the winter.  I am not one of those snow bunnies...I far prefer the moist, oppressive humidity of August to the dry, windy, and bone-chilling air of February.  (And this is coming from someone who runs hot, even in winter...)

The polyvore of the outfit.

Finally is an outfit for Date night.  Fittingly for the final outfit, I present the Curtain Call dress  It was priced right when I bought it, much less than its original price, in other words.  I chose to go with the x-small, as I read the reviews that it was RUNNING HUGE.  It does run huge...hence the x-small was perfect on me.

I personally like the effect of the exaggerated sleeves and the narrow waist.  That said, I know this is not a dress for a lot of women.  The neckline and sleeves work well on my small upper-body as it helps balance me out a bit, but I imagine that if you are larger than a B cup and you have a bit broader shoulders, this may put you out of balance.  Then again, if your S.O. LOVES you with more up top, this may be the dress for you!  LOL.  ;)

I am wearing it with a pearl necklace I bought from Ann Taylor last winter and a pair of Carma peep-toes by Cole Haan.

Here is the outfit with my all time favorite leather jacket...which I bought from Ann Taylor in 2004.  I fell in love with how buttery soft it was, and since it was on sale, I snatched it up.  I remember buying it for around $150 and cringing at the price, but considering it was originally near $300, and I have worn it a TON since then, I think my purchase was pretty sound.  :)

You all have a great day.  If you are interested in receiving the Arbonne Holiday Catalog from me (it is SO BEAUTIFUL), please leave a comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at  I am planning on offering my clients a Black Friday sale on all items in the Holiday catalog, so if you want to be in on that sale, I need you to be on my client list before that point!