Monday, November 15, 2010

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear When Faced with the Infamous Beltway?

"Oh, dear, Will...I believe our meeting will have to be delayed as I am stuck in just the most terrible traffic ever...the Beltway has beaten us."

It is incredibly fortunate that Emma and Will and their singing teen acolytes are in a suburban high school in Ohio and not in Northern Virginia. See if they were, they would never make it to regionals or nationals because they and their school bus would be forever trapped in the never-ending cycle of traffic that makes the DC region so (in)famous.

Here is how my conversation went with my dear bloggie friend Suzy:

"Suzy, I know that I was planning on meeting you in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda later this morning so you and I could meet up, I could give you your Arbonne catalog and samples and that gorgeous Madewell necklace that I sold you on the exchange, but I am afraid the traffic is too insane to even bear. By the time I got to the mall, I would have to say hi, throw the bag full of goodies at your hands from my open car window, and yell good-bye as I race off to catch the light so I can get back on the highway for my insane return back home. I believe, Suzy, that if I were to try and meet you in Richmond I could get to you faster. (Suzy laughs, and agrees.) Next time, I will take the hour and half trip to Richmond (100 miles door to door) to see you and not the two hour trip to Bethesda (20 miles door to door)!  I will resign myself to mailing your package to you instead."

I had been so excited to see her...I wanted to show off my babies, hang out in the mall, check out the new arrivals at J. Crew, and show off my Emma Pillsbury inspired outfit. Sadly this was not to be. (SHAKES delicate, glass-beaded bracelet wrist at the back-up on 495.)

Anyhow, this is the polyvore of an Emma inspired outfit that only my kids and a WHOLE bunch of random strangers were able to see at Tysons (le sigh, it seems I always end up at Tysons for shopping).

Emma Pillsbury wore a similar outfit a few weeks back and WWEPW blogged about it soon thereafter. And then the cardigan went on sale...whee!

And on me...before I realized what my day was to hold. I would have been better off in an orange reflective vest and a green utility jumper. At least that way I would have been better dressed to help the construction workers out...

Cardigan: Pick A Bunch Cardi, Anthropologie, Size Small. Very fitted and short. Definitely size up if you are long-torsoed.
Skirt: Double Serge Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, Bronzed Ochre, Size 6. The 4 fit, but way too closely...I felt like an extra in the secretarial pool over at the Mad Men set in the smaller size. LOL.

I did buy a blazecoat at the Tysons J. Crew. They were running a 25% off special, so I bit. I bought a 2. That coat runs really large. A lot of you all will probably be sized out.

I hope you all have a great day...just so you know, I have some stuff on sale...go ahead on over to my polyvore and check out the pieces, sizes, and prices.  :)