Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summer Sun-dressing in the Fall...

Happy Wednesday! If all goes well, this will be my first of two posts today centered around sequins (and who doesn't love sequins--lol--just kidding, I am sure some of you are a bit over them, but to me, Miss Magpie, I don't know if that will happen).

I had a special event to go to over the weekend, and seeing how I had not gotten around to wearing the Painted Silk Bridget Dress, I really wanted to wear it. Problem? It is silk, one-shouldered, and clearly meant for the summer. It wasn't cold-cold, but it certainly wasn't warm, either, on Saturday. Enter a fab sequined jacket from ASOS.  Ah, perfection. Now I could wear a completely inappropriate dress and make it just a tad more appropriate.

Above is the polyvore of the entire ensemble. The polyvore is a bit different from my polyvores of the past as I tried out the whole "make your polyvore look like an actual paper-doll" route. It was a bit difficult, but in the end, it almost works... :)

Dress: Size 8. The Painted Silk Bridget Dress was a J. Crew Collection item that I had bought in June (with some sale or another) and had intended to wear out while dining al fresco with my hubby. The one time I did that kind of date with him, I was feeling gross and kind of bloated, so the poor dress just sat in my closet all rejected feeling. I was not feeling gross and bloated on Saturday, however, I do believe my bandage on my leg gives a certain extra something special to the outfit. LOL. I should have bought these bling-ed out bandages instead. BTW, my hubby HATED the bubble hem of this dress but loved the rest of the outfit.
Jacket: Size UK 10, Size US 6. I think I may have bought this sequined boyfriend blazer for $35 dollars, with free shipping and returns. This jacket has convinced me that ASOS is a good company, but that said, the shipping was SUPER-SLOW, so bear that in mind if you buy something from them and it expect it on your door quickly. Having dealt with slow shipping from Boden in the past, I wasn't worried about it, but it can be frustrating if you have never bought from the UK before.
Shoes: Size 10.5 AA, Cole-Haan. Yum.

I wore my hair in a side ponytail just to be a bit different. I actually like it in this style.

The earrings are the fun dangly ones from Mickey last year.  I still love and wear them...a lot.  I also use the free daily calendar agenda they gave us as a Christmas gift last year, so I have to say, if they are still sending out free gifts, that daily calendar agenda would be fine by me!  (I am such a relic, actually "penciling" things into a calendar and not using a computer calendar instead.)  Not that anyone at corporate even reads this blog (I know, I have seen the stat counter)

You all have a great day.  Sequined outfit #2 up later today!