Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sequined Out in Camel and Black...

If you are a polyvore addict like I am, you may remember seeing this set Monday that I created. I needed to know whether I should wear it or not to go out with a good friend that evening...she was taking me to an album launch (her cousin just released an album of holiday music) and I was taking her to dinner. And because I never, ever get to go out with the girls anymore (well, rarely, anyhow), I wanted to splash out a bit.

The ladies of the polyvore world liked the set, so I felt like I had chosen well...

On me, before I was about to leave.

Top: Cashmere Cowlneck Sweater, Size Extra Small. When I see that anything that J. Crew makes comes in a size extra-extra small, I know to order the extra-small (which is a size down from the small that used to be my normal size). Except in bottoms, where I don't know if I would want to chance ordering a small (which would be a size down from my normal medium). I love the fit...I didn't need to open the buttons at the bottom of the hem, but I like the effect of the buttons being opened. The cashmere FEELS very nice this year, and softer than last year or the year before. I also have yet to see pilling on this item (although I did only wear it for four hours). Thumbs WAY UP. I will buy another (on super-sale) in another color, maybe the blue?
Skirt: Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt, Size 8. The 6 fit fine when I tried it on way back in August, but I like how the 8 allowed me to pull the waist down a bit for length. I was exceedingly comfortable all night, and that says something when you are wearing a skirt made of sequins.
Tights: C? From a drugstore. Comfy enough. I like that they are super-opaque and black...they worked nicely with the Alecias I am wearing on my feet.
Shoes: Size 9.5. Yay, my black suede Alecia peep-toes get to come back out now that it is colder...

I also wore the black ingenue coat, which was the exact right coat for the night and the outfit. It started to rain while we were at the album launch, and the coat plus the cashmere kept me nice and toasty.

Another view. Similar, yes, I know, but I kind of liked this shot. :)

I hope I can post tomorrow, that would be quite nice. We'll see just how busy I can possibly be in one day (answer? very!).