Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reviews: Gingham Sundrine, Ingenue Coat, Tweedette Dress, and Tilly Satin Two-Tone Platform Heels

It's been a while since I have done a straight through review post. Below you will see 16 photos of four separate items, the Gingham Sundrine Flannel Shirtdress, the Double Cloth Ingenue Coat, the Tweedette Dress, and the Tilly Satin Two-Tone Platform Heels.

I received these all over the past two months, and because of sheer laziness and overwhelming busy-ness (lol at the two together), I am now just getting to these reviews. I took all these photos today, and in no way did I primp to get ready to show off these outfits. Just sayin'...


Gingham Sundrine Flannel Shirtdress, currently available in most sizes. Last week, it appeared that they were all sold out, but I suspect that many were wooed by the image in the catalog, and when their reality didn't match the luminosity of the image, many returns were made.

I *knew* I could never match the ice queen model, so my expectation was far lower. I really wanted a dress/tunic I could wear to take my sweet son to preschool and be "dressed" but comfy and warm at the same time.

That said, I have to make sure the placket is open (I am wearing a peach-colored cami under the dress) in order to keep me from appearing like I am a frontier women, ready to cultivate the corn, y'all.

I like it with leggings, but think I might wear it out the first time with some opaque black tights and knee-high booties (or booties, we'll see). Definitely plan on wearing a scarf or lots of necklaces, for sure. Any other ideas?

P.S. This is the side view.

Back View.  I am really glad I bought the size 6 (current dress size in J. Crew), rather than an 8.  The 8 may have given length but would have probably been a bit frumpy overall.  This puppy should not be too loose or else your bum may suffer from baggy britches syndrome. (Or from a wayward tag syndrome, haha.)

Hand on the hip. This view looks juvenile to me.  Definitely need tights, boots, and a scarf.

However, in this image, I look the right age.  Maybe the hand on the hip is making me look younger.  (Ladies, hands on hips!!!  Fountain of Youth!!!)

Sundrine Dress on Audrey Bella.
Sundrine Dress on Gigiofca.

Double Cloth Ingenue Coat in Black, currently on back-order in many sizes and colors. This I bought in a 6, my current J. Crew Double Cloth coat size (my stadium cloth size is smaller). I bought this on a whim when I saw that I could buy it for $200 (minus 30%--so around $140 or so) and free shipping over the summer. Yes, please. Turns out that I made a wise choice as it is now $350, but at least you can apply a 25% off to the total. (And go with cobblestone or plum, not the black or white, the black or white will probably be available next summer for another low low price...mark my words!)

It is all buttoned-up and belted here. This is one glamorous coat and I definitely can see wearing this with a cocktail dress. That said, it does lend itself to dressing up a more casual look, like a cute tee, cardi, and jeans. It doesn't feel "stuffy," just chic.

Here I have opened up the top set of buttons, expanded the collar to show off the gingham shirtdress. This collar is very versatile and I anticipate discovering new ways of wearing it open.

Here i have it opened all the way, and belted in the back (almost like an apron, if that makes sense). I love this! And since we have warm-ish days here in NOVA in the winter, this will be a nice option on the days when we get into the 50s and we don't need to "BUNDLE" up.

Ingenue Coat on NoJCrewinJapan.

Tweedette Dress, or the Luna Mixy silk and wool dress (if you shop at Net-a-Porter), currently sold out of size 0 at jcrew.com, and sold out of size 0 and size 8 at Net-a-Porter.  I am wearing a 6, but I only decided on that size when I looked at Net-a-Porter for sizing info.  THEY GIVE YOU THE EXACT MEASUREMENTS of the items.  Awesome.  I had pre-ordered an 8 and then realizing how that would be very large in the top and a few inches too large in the bottom (yet giving me no extra length), I changed my pre-order to a 6.  If you buy Collection pieces from J. Crew, definitely check out Net-a-Porter to see if they have your item so you can use their measurements.

I did not buy at full price.  My on-line PS was running a 20% off sale, including pre-orders, so I ordered this at that point.  I am wondering if they will reduce the price of this dress anytime soon?  If so, I will definitely be thinking about returning an re-ordering.  I have only tried it on for you all, so I know I could return if need be. 

I do like this dress for a couple of reasons. 

#1--LOVE the plaid wool skirt portion, such a great color scheme, and the wool is well-made, seems to be the sort of wool you find in Scotland.
#2--This is surprisingly comfortable!  Once you have fiddled with the top to make it fit you properly (the last photo in this set shows how I got mine to settle into the right position so my cami
#3--Love the silk fabric of the top...you can tell it is VERY HIGH QUALITY silk, very much like the silks that I have felt on high-end designer pieces.

Do I think this is a dress for everyone?  No.  I know that this is a you either love it or you hate it kind of an item.  I fell in love with the look in the lookbook--see image #13--(after I took away her silly avant-garde hat), and I think I like the dress even better on me (I fill it out better, lol, go curves!). 

I wonder if anyone will be getting this dress?  Clearly there are a few of us out there, but none of the JCAs as far as I can tell. 

Side view.  Love my peach colored cami!  (Just kidding.)  I think, when I decide I am for sure keeping it (really more of a price thing--hate the thought of it being reduced a lot and me being unable to justify buying it for more--any of you doing this now...waiting with tags on, not wearing it, just in case?), I will take my needle and thread and sew a small fastener to the vee, so I can gain a more modest neckline.

Back view.  Exposed Zipper appears more exposed on-line.  I think it is a nice touch of hardware, but really could care less, one way or another.

Only passes the sit down test when I wear tights.  Will not be wearing it all bare-legged, no matter how much Net-a-Porter and J. Crew want me to.  So there.

Here is how I like it best.  See how much better it looks with the neckline just so and a pretty necklace atop it?  I also adore the pockets, great feature.

Tilly Satin Two-Tone Platform Heels, currently available in all sizes.  These are Collection shoes, so they are silk satin, with suede piping, and leather soles.  They were also INSANELY expensive for what they are, so I know exactly why they went on sale so fast...'cause no one was biting.  I did, but only after they we're reduced to below 200 AND I could apply a 30% off and free shipping deal.  Yes, I will take them for $130, Mickey, sounds great to me.

I am wearing these in a size 9.5.  They fit great.  I have narrow feet, though, so you all may want to size up if you run a bit wider.  They are not super-comfortable, in fact, I am wearing them right now to kind of break them in, but really, am I wearing these for comfort?  Nope.  These are date shoes, holla.  These are the kind of shoes the Eagles were talking about in that song "Those Shoes."

So pretty, love the color, love the strappy-eque look, love the silk (so soft).

Gah.  So elegant!  I need to find a reason to wear these!

Zippers in the back, cute touch...also you can see the leather soles peeking out.

Anyone else purchase or try on these items?  Your thoughts?  Links to reviews I missed? 

Have a great Tuesday!  Have fun with the 25% off sale!