Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boden Bliss...

Dinagideon is in busy, busy land lately! Sorry for the absence! :) Just out and about, but unfortunately for my poor blog that means a lack of posts and commenting back. Le sigh.

Clearly today's post is brought to you by the letter "b," as I am not only busy, but I am in Boden bliss. Why? Well, not only is today's outfit one of my personal favorites ever from this British bastion of bodacious blouses, but yesterday, my dear friend Johnnie B. sent me a $25 gift voucher to be used on any purchase between now and the end of the month. Best part? No minimum amount required AND I could use it with another promo! So what did I do? I used it last night to buy my daughter and I some outerwear. Right now there is an e-mail circulating (and probably in some catalogs, too) that if you buy 2 items, you get your 3rd for $1. This is one of the best that Boden offers as you can buy three nearly the same priced items and receive a huge % off (do the math, you'll see). The three items I got were $88 a piece, which equals $264, but after the offer, it goes down to $177. Apply a $25 gift voucher and all of sudden what was $264 is now $152, or a savings of around 42%. That includes free shipping and returns, btw. So yes, I am a bit in Boden bliss today. :)

Above is an outfit I wore on Sunday (when I made the decidedly serendipitous trip to Mint Condition). The coat is from Mod Cloth and as soon as I saw it back in September two thoughts ran through my head: "Ooh, that looks like an Emma Pillsbury coat," and "It will be mine."

Mr. Dina loved the dress.  It got nearly the same reaction as my jeans and tee combo from a few weeks back.  I am wearing this Retro Spot Tunic in a UK size 10 or US size 6.  I like that the length finishes where it does...too short and I would have to wear it with pants and too long and it would be A LOT of that print.  ;)

Rex is not picking his nose.  It only looks like he is.  I have no idea what he is thinking in this shot...

This was supposed to be a full-on side shot, but Baby CW came in and decided to shoot her historical re-enactment gun at the window.  She must have seen a deer.  LOL.  (Her Pops--grandpa--is a deer hunter.)

With the Mod Cloth coat.  It is called a "Coat fit for a queen," but it's just fine as a "Coat fit for a SAHM mom who spends way too much time worrying about her clothing."

You all have a fab night.  I will talk with you all sometime soon.  Promise!  ;)