Friday, November 26, 2010

A Little More Catalog Love...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving all! We have had a great time, and when I get a bit more time (and that ever elusive mistress of mine, energy), I will post some festive frocks that I have been wearing this week!

Today I want to show off the next in the series of "Catalog Inspired" outfits. After realizing that two other lovely blogger friends of mine decided to try the same look out I wore in this last post, I have decided that every so often I will do a post where I take my fave catalog images and show them off "in real life style." (To see the other lovely blogger ladies, go to About All and Nothing at All and to Deco Aurora.)

(Oh, and for those of you who REALLY are digging this, check out a post I did on this very subject WAY back in early 2009, right around the start of this blog.)

Here is the image from the October 2008 "If" catalog. I remember receiving this catalog right around the time baby CW was born and just adoring all the styling. J. Crew really hit the perfect mix here, just enough preppy, just enough edge, and just enough lady-like. I believe other ladies adore this catalog as much as I do...I also know there are other images whose styling I might have to steal borrow.

At the time, the jacket was WAY WAY out of my price range and considering I had just given birth, I just said "no."

Fast forward to now...

On me, last week.

Jacket: Bought the Duchamp Print Astor Jacket on ebay for a song, granted it is a "line through label to prevent returns" kind of item, but other than the itsy-bitsy little line, the jacket is perfect. I bought it in a size 4, and the fit is spot on.
Top: I had bought this Snow Leopard Harlow Blouse in a size 10 on super-sale around January of 2009 (see it on me way back when), but then I lost the post-partum weight and it was suddenly too big. This summer a JCA was selling their size 4 for a really REALLY good price and I went ahead and grabbed it. :) The size 10 went to Mint Condition to make someone else's day.
Pants: Banana Republic from 2006. Near match to the ones in the catalog.
Shoes: These are flats, the Jane Suede flats from 2008. Also bought on super-sale. Admittedly the height of the heels in the catalog image are more flattering, but I wore this on a preschool run day, and I didn't want to have to be uncomfortable.

Anyone else willing to try this styling for themselves??? ;)


Wahoo! by dinagideon featuring an arbonne
Before I go, I wanted to let you all know that I am having a HUGE Black Friday sale with my Arbonne business. The polyvore above has some of the items on sale (although almost everything I sell is on sale in one form or another). If you are interested, take a look at the polyvore, or check out this blog post I wrote on the sale. I look forward to helping some of you with your holiday shopping!!!

P.S. You all have had some really nice comments lately. I believe that today I will respond to the last two posts, so if you have written something in the past two weeks, check out the comments a little bit later tonight, I should have gotten back to you by then. :) Thank you!!!