Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boden Autumn 2012 Preview Picks: Part One...There is a Whole Lot to Love!

Oh, my.  So I sat down this morning and decided to choose the items from Boden Fall 2012 that I just had to tell you about and by the time I was done, I had 42 images.  FORTY TWO.  Now granted, five or so of them are of the model wearing the item, but still, that is a ridiculous amount of love that I am showing Boden.  (Yes, yes, I know, I show them a lot of love, clearly, but even for me, I recognize how insane that is...)

Having said that, and having mentioned it in the first post I wrote on the Boden preview, the folks at Boden have really brought out the chic...the pretty...the classic...the colors.  In fact, most of these pieces do remind me of J. Crew circa 2005-2008, which is when most of the JCAs fell hardest for the brand.

So without much more blah blah from me, do enjoy my picks, and remember, after you have viewed mine (and had a chance to look at the Preview to find your picks), let all of us know what has suddenly jumped in your basket (mine is bulging--oh, if only I had the budget for it all).

And remember, if you click on the 20% off and free shipping/returns link on the Preview home page, all items in your basket will be 20% off.  If you can't get the code to work, it is PRV4 (put it in the code box on the shopping page).

Sixties Jumper.  This model picture is gorgeous.  Say hello to the 2012 version of Brigitte Bardot.

Sixties Jumper.  I am a huge fan of this yellow.  I have a few pencil skirts that would look great with this sweater. 

Snuggly Gilet.  This is a great shot, I have a feeling a lot of women are going to be suffering from wanderlust after viewing this catalog.  :)

Stitch Detail Dress.  I have this in a mustard gold cord from last fall and as soon as I saw it in the denim, I knew quite a few of you would be interested.  It takes the chambray trend a bit further than the ubiquitous button down.  I could see it with tights and boots and layered over a striped tee.  I would also add a brightly printed scarf.

Tights.  Okay, I had to have at least one really ridiculous item.  I know the tights are cute, practical, and keep the legs warm in winter, but OMG...Boden is charging $48 for two pairs.  Even with a 20% off code, that is still around 38 dollars.  Yowza.  No thanks, Boden.

Vanessa Dress.  Yes, that is Helena Christensen modeling for Boden.  She looks fierce.  And really really good.  ;)

Vanessa Dress.  I love the teal, might be tempted to pick it up closer to the holidays.  (Would be an unexpected color at that time of year.) 

I think this dress is from the Limited Edition line.  It's price, plus fabric composition, make me suspect this is not from the regular line.

Winter Warmer.  This is a really cool outfit, and I would love to try something like this in the fall.  I already own pieces that closely match these pieces, so I wouldn't have to buy any of these items to make this work.  This fur collar look has been really trendy for a few years, I wonder when the trend will become dated.

Alexa Dress.  Boden often has a merino dress in its fall collection, but this one is definitely more glamorous than those I have seen in the past.  I love the neckline (very retro) and the sleeves and skirt make this one very appropriate for church and/or work.

Audrey Dress.  Swoon.  I have this in green (in a different silhouette) from a few years ago, but I think I might just sell the green and order this one instead in vermillion.  Gah, the addition of the fitted waist has me in love.  This one is BOUND to sell out.  The other one did.  I am warning you all now.  ;)

Boiled Wool Coat.  What a beautiful image.  I literally want to be this woman.  I want her hair, her makeup, he outfit, her travels. 

Boiled Wool Coat.  The only problem with the beautiful image is that the photoshopping was so over the top that I can't really tell which color the gorgeous model is wearing.  I *think* it is this mid-grey color, but who knows?

Bootcut Moleskin Trousers.  I have read that a lot of ladies are getting frustrated with the capri length pants, especially in the fall and winter.  I don't wear Boden trousers, but I might be willing to give these a shot.  I really like the cut (very traditional) and the fabric (moleskin is a heavier soft fabric that is cozy).

Cable Knitted Dress.  I love a-line sweater dresses, and I happen to know they are kind of hard to find (most sweater dresses cling more to the curves).  This grey is a nice, silvery version, and will look lovely on multiple skin tones.

Cambridge Shirt.  There are many fans of J. Crew's gingham shirts, and this one is a dead ringer for versions I have seen made by them in the past.  This would look awesome with a fitted wool pencil skirt.  Yum.

Classic Boots.  These boots would be 100% at home here in Virginia's horse country.  They come in many different colorways, but at $268 (before the discount), I would need to be 100% sure that the color I chose would be the right one for all my "horseback riding" aspirations.

Contrast Mary Janes.  I just heard a collective "ooooooooh" from all the fans of J. Crew's 2008 fall season.  There were these amazing mary jane heels made during that season, and although these aren't exact duplicates, they are certainly in the same vein.  Beautiful.  (Oh, and all leather construction, btw.)  ;)

Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  I had to add something that still looks like classic Boden, and this jersey button down definitely looks like it came from the mind of Johnnie B.  For those of you that don't necessarily do the bold prints, this shirt also comes in a dotted pattern.

Crossover Wedges.  I actually laughed out loud when I saw these.  Definitely not Boden!  :)  But I will give them major props for going outside of their comfort zone.  I look forward to reading the reviews, I think this will either be a huge success or an even more huge failure.  Time will tell.

Emily Skirt.  I wasn't sure if I was going to add this, but I kept looking at this skirt, I really like how it adds a (literal) flippy touch to a more grounded outfit.  Very girly and a bit Anthro-esque.  It isn't for me, but I know one of you all could make this skirt sing.

Everyday Jumper.  This yellow/grey color is very preppy and will look wonderful atop a button down, with a pair of jeans, and a nice pair of flat boots.  Add a fitted blazer and you will likely feel ready for the yard at Harvard.  ;)

Funnel Neck Jacket.  I see a Bella Jacket here, even though it isn't exactly the same.  Worn the right way, it could frame the face and body the way the Bella did back in the fall of 2007.  I love this yellow, so bright and lovely (although will likely be a different shade IRL).

Okay, I have twenty more images, but I can't overwhelm this post with any more!  (Also I suspect I would crash multiple computers and mobile devices if I tried to add more...)

I look forward to seeing what you all love (and hate!)...

BTW, I should be back later this evening with the next Boden Weekly Review Roundup

Talk to you all later!