Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OOTE: Lucille Goes on a Date in the City.

The day after Mother's Day, Mr. Dina was supposed to take me on a date in the city at a restaurant I have recently fallen in love with, America Eats Tavern (also known as my baby shower restaurant).  I had been bugging him to get me there before it closes for good, and of course, he gets sick the day before we are supposed to go.  Sigh.  So I tell him to cancel it and make a new reservation for later than week.

Good thing he did, btw...the Monday we were supposed to go was rainy, blustery, and kind of cool.  The day we went?  BEAUTIFUL, sunny, gorgeous, lovely, I could go on and on...

Before he showed up to get me and the babies (they went with my dad, though), I got dressed to my springtime nines, dragged out my D70, and did some self portraits of the outfit. 

The Lucille dress served me well.  I not only loved the outfit and its colorful bits, but it was really comfy, too (although the Pia pumps did hurt a bit at the very end of the night).

Coat: Boden Spring TrenchI reviewed it here.  It is sold out (in this hue) but often pops back.
Necklace: Banana Republic.  I have had this one for a long time and don't wear it a lot, but it does come out at least twice a year.
Dress: J. Crew Lucille Dress in Scalloped EyeletI did a review here. It fit me much better on this evening than on the night of the review.  ;)
Bag: J. Crew Collection.
Shoes: J. Crew Collection Pia Calf Hair Pumps.  Bought them off ebay for 99 dollars, much less than I ever saw them on-line.  These pop back every once in awhile, but I recommend going the ebay route.

I have been digging the look of wearing the coat on the shoulders instead of fully on, but it really isn't very practical, just very pretty for pictures.

Here is the coat on properly, with just a bit of a popped collar for fun.

Close up of the necklace, earrings, and the bodice of the dress.

No trench which was the way I wore it over the course of the evening.  It wasn't until the very end of the night that I needed to wear it for warmth.

Lucille Goes on a Date in the City.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.

We found a space right on 7th Street, next door to the Hirshorn (this will be important later in the post) and across the street from the Air and Space Museum.  Rarely do I ever take the metro into the city.  I took the metro for SO many years (pretty much all of middle school, high school, college, and with my first job) that I definitely prefer going straight into the city and parking. 

We were able to sit at the BEST people watching table, right at the entrance of the America Eats Tavern.  The night was utterly perfect for al fresco dining (70s and sunny and dry).

This ale drink was amazing and very refreshing, a bit citrusy, a bit hoppy, and a bit sweet.

A lot of the drinks and food items are based on historical recipes, so if you are a foodie AND you like American history, get to this restaurant before it closes at the end of this month.

Okay, so remember how I said that it was important that we parked right next door to the Hirshhorn?  As we approached our car after about a half mile walk, we saw the circular walls of the Hirshhorn were ablaze with random images of people and items.  Then we hear the music, the pretty haunting music.

Turns out we had stumbled upon (in my opinion, anyhow) one of the most inspired modern art installments I have ever seen.  Called "Song One" by Doug Aitken, it was a multimedia presentation of the song "I Only Have Eyes for You," sung by multiple singers in a film that was projected onto the walls of the museum.

It was simply chilling, beautiful, stunning.  I had goose bumps.

This image, btw, is now my background of my computer.  Mr. Dina says that "the man" is watching me.  Yeah, I guess he probably is...

This is my good friend Tilda Swinton and I.  Just hanging out.  ;)

Perfection.  That was that evening.

The trench coat did well for another lady.  In a Star Magazine issue from a month or so back, they pitted three celebrities wearing a Kmart (Kmart!!!) dress against one another, and the winner was Louise Roe because of the Boden Spring Trench.  Yay for Boden!

Okay, that's all.  I am really tired and I am ready for a full day tomorrow (Angus and I are heading to the city so I can take him to his first museum!).  I have been bad about commenting back, but again, I am definitely reading them and appreciating them, so THANK YOU!  \

Have a great, beautiful, utterly perfect night!