Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: So. Many. Dresses.

I hope everyone is doing well this Wednesday evening.  :)  I am managing, but I will honestly be surprised if this publishes before 11 pm.  (Still counts as Wednesday, though, and for many of you who live out west, it will be the much more reasonable hour of 8 pm.)

This week saw much awesomeness in Boden land, including the dropping of the Autumn 2012 Preview.  I did a blog post on it here, and I recommend taking a look around.  I have a few items that I will for sure be ordering and quite a few that I will make note to get the moment a good sale/my budget is in the black comes around next fall.

I am terrible about promising that I will get posts done by a certain date, but I do at least get them done eventually, so do expect that I will do a Boden Autumn Preview 2012 Picks Post soon.

Also, there is a wonderful resource that Poppy's Style clued me into for any of you who are looking for past season Boden clothing.  If you would like, head on over to Facebook and "like" the Boden resell page, you will be able to check out any listings for any item that you may have missed in the past.  I may even be posting some of my items there (helps it reach a larger audience that way).  *Remember when I attempted the Boden Buy and Sell over here?  LOL.  That lasted for what...all of five weeks or so?*

Speaking of facebook, how many of you think I should have a facebook page for My Superfluities?  I have been hesitant to start one, but I do see the benefits of having it...easier for me to put up "preview" photos of my ootds, quicker updates for when Boden has good coupons/sales/new styles, etc., and it allows me to connect with people easier on the go (I can respond to FB on my smart phone and kindle fire easier than commenting back here at this blog).  Do let me know and maybe I will add that to my list of things to accomplish.  :)

Since I was in Miami last week, this post will have a lot of reviews since I had two weeks of reviews to go through.  Thank you all who wrote reviews and published them!

This week's roundup has a superfluity of dresses, so if you are a frock fan, this is the post for you.  :)

Onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:

Everyday Summer Dress.  I hope you all can tell why I brought this pretty dress to Miami.  :)  I had planned a tropical/sea theme for the trip, and this dress clearly suits the tropical theme well (those are palm fronds in the pattern).

I will definitely be reposting this outfit when I get around to my ootd posts for the trip, but I figured some of you would like to see this dress on a "real" person, so I got it edited for this post 'specially.

This is the size 6 regular and fits like a glove, the exact right measurements for me in the bust, waist, and with a little bit of extra wiggle room in the hips.

The color is stunning, I rather like bright yellow-green, but if you aren't a fan, definitely steer away from this one and go for her more "muted" red sister.

The shoes, btw, are the Boden Essential Wedges.  I did a review of those here at this post.

The rest of the outfit is all J. Crew.  (BTW, my love of the fedora is BIG in Miami, I truly felt at home with all the folks donning theirs, too.  Definitely not a lot of fedora love here in the DC area, sadly!)

Everyday Summer Dress
Everyday Summer Dress. I am not a fan of the floral versions, but clearly I am in the minority, as those colors are selling out while the version I wear is still fully in stock.

Strappy Beach Dress.  There was some discussion over here about my dilemma regarding the sizing of this dress.  Because I am a crazy woman, I decided to buy the size 8 Regular even though the garment measurements were not actual garment measurements (they didn't put the info in correctly).  Then the reviews started to pour in, and every single one said the same thing...the bust is FAR too large while the rest of it is fine.

So I got the 8 regular and it fit, but really loosely all over, and especially through the bust.  So I went ahead and reordered it in a 6 regular, which is the one you see above (and the one I wore yesterday on the preschool run).

From the side.  It is still too large in the bust, but only cup wise, not so much underbust wise (the empire waist is maybe a half-inch too large).  I found a way to solve it for now (as a nursing mom it is kind of nice to have the extra room just in case I "fill up," if you will) and when I do stop nursing, I will get the sewing machine out and tailor it smaller.

The skirt portion fits beautifully, and was very comfortable.  As an added bonus, this barely wrinkled, even though it was part linen (probably because it was lined in cotton).

I love this print, very original and definitely happy.  I felt like I should have a tiki drink in my hand instead of my kid's backpack, but ah, well...

You can't see my solution, but it's there...a very small safety pin holding the two fabric cups together at the mid-bust area.  It worked and there were no intentional "flashes." 

If you are a nursing mom, btw, the straps can be pulled to the side for nursing, very easy in fact, so I give the thumbs up for those of us with that very specific need and yet who still want to wear dresses.

Strappy Beach Dress
Strappy Beach Dress. This dress is really low rated (not the lowest I have ever seen, but lower than a lot of the other dresses). However, the green version is all sold out and the other three colorways are on backorder. If you really want the blue one that I own in the size 8 regular RIGHT NOW, I could mail you mine instead of sending it back to Boden (still need to get to the post office!). (But I am sending it in tomorrow or Friday, so let me know fast...)

Regatta Dress
Regatta Dress.  Clearly Egyptomaniac is my sister by another mother as she literally has bought the same exact dresses I have this season (we have at least four in common!).  I adore her in the navy version, she looks beautiful!  (I also love the red accessories!)

I have not yet had a chance to do my review of this dress (I bought it in orange) but should be able to get one done by next week.

Floaty Jersey Dress
Floaty Jersey Dress.  Again...another dress I own that Egyptomaniac owns.  :) 

She models the pewter bud colorway.  Her hubby chose this one for her to wear, as he really likes it on her...and she says it is her favorite, too, so clearly there is mutual love for this dress in their household.

I have the moss bud version, and a quick word of warning if you want to get that is a BRIGHT lime color as the background, not a muted green/ is still really pretty, but it may be too bright for some of you.  I will put that review up next week so you all can see IRL then.

Border Print Tunic
Border Print Tunic.  The great gams of Poppy's Style are on display under the pewter version of this tunic...looking good, lady!  :)

Effortless Cardigan
Long Sleeved Breton and Effortless CardiganPoppy's Style looks fresh and chic in this navy/white/red combo.  (P.S. The affiliate doesn't have a direct link to the long sleeve breton, so go ahead and click on the name, not the photo to get to the item page.)

Fab Jersey Tunic
Fab Jersey TunicPoppy's Style wears the beautifully colored moss version of this tunic.  She pairs it with a pink cardi, which looks adorable with it!

Clearance Boden:

Perfect Jersey Dress
Perfect Jersey Dress.  Egyptomaniac shows us the blue version in an ootd.  She has four of these, she loves it that much.  Considering I have the Notch Neck Shift in three colors, I totally get it.  If you find a fit that works for you, sometimes you just have to celebrate with multiple patterns/colors.  :)  (As of right now only a size 2 regular is left...which means only the tee-tiniest of you can buy it.) 

Okay, all that is it for tonight!  I hope everyone has a great rest of their week.  :)

If I forgot your review (it's very possible!), please do let me know by either commenting here or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

For those of you on a mobile device, below is the link to receive 15% and free shipping and returns at Boden.  (If you are on a regular computer, you can always access the active coupon in my sidebar, fwiw.)