Thursday, June 7, 2012

OOTD: Grandpa's Here!

A few weeks ago my Grandpa flew in from Poland with his wife (my step-grandma) to visit Angus for the first time. :)

I didn't necessarily wear this specific outfit for my Grandpa, but I figured he would probably prefer me wearing real clothes over pjs, so I put a teeny bit of effort into getting ready that morning (well that and the fact that I was actually going out to run errands, folks at Target would probably prefer me in real clothing, too).

If you open up the photo you can see the info on the pieces in the photo, but I do want to highlight the top for a moment.  This is the Jalisco embroidered knit top by Garnet Hill and while I normally don't buy a lot from this company, I have been gravitating towards their easier pieces lately, especially since this top I bought from J. Crew doesn't quite fit right and is a dead ringer for the Jalisco.  (BTW, if you want to buy the J. Crew one, I am selling it for $20 shipped--size small.)  That sucker sold fast!

This top is a soft jersey with embroidery all over the front.  I bought in an extra small, which is pretty loose, so I would say if you are tee-tiny, you won't be able to wear this top (I think Garnet Hill is like the Loft--quite oversized).

Speaking of the Loft, I adore these pants, very comfy, yet because of the straighter legs maintain the appearance of being fitted.  :)

That is the Andie Bag I am holding and I am so glad I was able to buy it from a JCA a few years ago.  Definitely one of my most favorite J. Crew pieces, ever.

No bag, front shot.

I have done that necklace as a bracelet thing before, when I wore this outfit.

And there he is, my grandpa, holding my son.  Four generations of Gideon, with only one XX represented.  Oh, you XYs...not enough princesses in my family. 

Okay, that's it.  Super quick post.  :)

Have any of you bought anything from Garnet Hill lately?  Am I the only fan out there?  (Never see any other bloggers wearing their pieces, maybe I am just looking in the wrong places.)