Saturday, June 9, 2012

Madewell: Inspiring Me Now.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post (featuring the world's two brightest neon colors--hot pink and flaming orange--side by side), I was truly inspired to try out the look because of an e-mail that Madewell sent out a couple of months ago.

I really do prefer Madewell's older sis, J. Crew, but I have always found at least a piece or two to enjoy from Madewell each season.  This current season has some really fine examples of what Madewell does best...making the hipster look more accessible to the masses.  (If that's what you want...I know quite a few people who wouldn't touch the hipster look with a ten foot pole--but me and the fedora, yeah, we're friends.)

(BTW, speaking of hipster, definitely go over to Madewell and download their current summer playlist, it is in a zip format and has nine songs that are delightful and fun and unique.  I really am digging the last song most,  Rewards by Equal Dreams featuring Solange Knowles, very cool.)

Okay, here goes, enjoy the hip...

See, this bright pink obsession of mine is just continuing and continuing.  :)  Likely I would try this look in the winter with a boyfriend blazer.  Honestly, this would be far too much clothing for our humid and hot Virginia summers.

I actually have this top and since I own three fedoras, I can recreate this look without too much issue.  There is no way in heck I will go near those shorts, so I will improvise something that will look more reasonable on my frame (I may have had those hips at age 12, if then!).

I love this dress, how pretty!

Now this is how a SAHM can do the hipster look without looking like she is trying too hard.  :P

My first style spin created this look for me.  I actually really want to try it.  I am sure I will give it a go one of these next few weeks.  I especially like the idea of using a peep-toe wedge with shorter shorts.

And there's a fedora. ;)

 Really want to use this image in a polyvore set.  Love the fun mix of 80s shades all together.

I have the crisscross boardwalk sandals (worn here), so again, thought this may be a fun polyvore image.

Another look at the crisscross boardwalk sandals, including the pink and brown versions.

And of course, the image that started this whole desire to be inspired. 

Are you inspired by anything at Madewell now or is the style too hipster for you?