Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Dotting Around.

Hi, all! Ooh, we are one week away (almost--more like a week and a half) from the end of season clearance sale at Boden. :)

We are also less than five days away from the end of the 20% off all fall preview orders at the Boden Preview site, so definitely make sure you place your must have orders before midnight on June 25 (I think quite a few of the Autumn items will sell out rather quickly, I am saving all my pennies for the pre-order!).

I should also have a moment later today (I really hope I do anyhow, but I don't determine my own time anymore, sigh) to get up my part two of the Boden Autumn 2012 Preview picks.  If you need something to tide you over 'till then, check out part one.  ;)

Okay, today there are more lovely frocks to see, and a little mini Boden courtesy of CW.

Regular Boden:
Regatta Dress.  I wore this out with CW for our latest "girls night out."  She was thrilled that I brought her to La Madeleine and got her some bread with "French" butter (there is a funny story behind why all butter is "French" butter, but I will save that for later).  We also went to Toys R Us and got her a Lollaloopsy, so she was basically in heaven.

I bought the dress in the 6 regular because I knew that the skirt would be full enough to accommodate my larger hips and thighs.  The bodice would probably be small enough, I suspected, but sometimes even dresses in a size 6 have a looser bustline than I would prefer.

I am carrying a Hobo International bag, btw, and wearing the Essential Wedges. I did a review of the wedges here.

I felt so good in this dress.  I have really been thinking about chucking every single pair of shorts I own and just wearing dresses and skirts during the summer, but I do actually have some need for shorts.  (I wear shorts and tanks around the house and whenever I am doing anything super active during the summer.  So I can't really get rid of all of them, but I could definitely cull the ones that no longer fit well.)

Outside of an itty bitty portion of my shoulders, the whole dress fit exactly to my body's proportions.  I almost felt like Boden used me as their fit model for this dress, it fit that well.

I know many of you don't like cap sleeves, so be aware that these are definitely the sort of sleeves that will show off your upper arms.  Having said that, they are roomy cap sleeves, so it won't be constricting in any way.

The v-neck is a beautiful neckline shape and it extends to the back...

which you see in this photo.

There is a side zip which is slightly annoying (I far prefer back zips) and the pattern doesn't match up perfectly on the back seams, but these are all tiny niggles that don't amount to much in the way of annoyance.

Here is why CW was thrilled with my choice of attire.  She matched me.  ;)

Do you remember when she wore this top as a dress?  I miss her as a baby!

Regatta Dress
Essential Wedges
Regatta Dress and Essential Wedges.  The dress is definitely selling out in all sizes in both dotted shades.  Do not wait for clearance for this one.  The wedges are only selling out in the larger sizes (which is what I am).

Spring Trench
Spring Trench.  I wore this out on a date with my husband around a month ago.  Definitely too heavy to wear now in the dead of summer (gonna be 100 today!), but nice to have in the transitional seasons.

Floaty Jersey Dress
Floaty Jersey Dress. On day 8 of her cruise, Egypotomaniac wore this lovely, printed frock.  The sites of Istanbul were no match for her beauty and pretty outfit. :)

Capri Dress
Capri Dress.  On day 6 of her cruise, Egyptomaniac wore this graphic, jersey dress.  The Island of Rhodes was her destination, and her print nearly matched the amazing mosaic tiles. 

Casual Jersey Dress
Casual Jersey Dress. On day 5 of her cruise, Egyptomaniac wore this slub-jersey fabric beauty.  Next time she goes to Crete, she needs to take me in her suitcase.  I promise to wear my own Boden beauty.  :)

Fab Jersey Tunic
Fab Jersey Tunic.  Poppy's Style wore this tunic (gorgeous legs on display, of course!) with a brightly hued J. Crew cardi and a pair of Tory Burch ballet flats. 

mini Boden:
Towelling Shorts.  I bought these for CW a while back but have only recently put her in them.  Blegh.  And of course she loves them, so I feel bad that it took me so long to remember to put her in them.

She is wearing a size 5 here, which is big, but it does come with a drawstring if you are like me and always size up for the kid's clothing.

The fabric is heavy and thick, like a nice hotel towel.  I like that bit.  All she cares about are the precious pears all over. ;)

Towelling Shorts
Towelling Shorts.  They are 25% off right now and may sell out the first day of the sale (the mini stuff sells out FAST!). 

Boden Maternity:
Jersey Tea Dress
Jersey Tea Dress.  I saw a lady in DC wearing it yesterday, and of course, my first thought was, "is that Boden?"  LOL.  Of course it was.  Anyhow, she looked to be about 7 months along and based on how hot it was yesterday, she didn't appear too wilted and the dress was in fabulous shape, so I would say this is the direction to go if you are both pregnant and working outside of the home during the brutal summer months.  (If you work from home, wear a tank top and boxer shorts.  Trust me.)

Okay, that's it.  If I forgot your review, would you mind either commenting here or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com?  Thanks much!

BTW, if you want to receive 15% off any items you have seen here (if they are not already reduced to more than that, like the towelling shorts) or you want to ensure you get free ship and returns (if you do want to only get things that are already reduced), click on the link below or use the one in the sidebar.  :)