Monday, June 18, 2012

OOTD: Making Some Maritime.

Good late Sunday night early Monday morning, all.  I hope everyone's father's day was superb.  I definitely made sure that both my dad and my husband know just how much I appreciate all they do, my dad for all the time and care and energy he spent on my brother and me (and now my kids!), and Mr. Dina for all the great love and affection he gives to our three rugrats.

I am getting around to publishing an outfit I wore a few weeks ago out with my littlest man for a jaunt out and about.  I am now moving onto trying to hang out with each of my kids at least once a week on their own.  The oldest two really enjoy themselves, because it is nice to get the full attention and not split three ways, but I am not sure how much Angus really enjoys himself.  Whatever, I like that I can just focus on him, and in reality, it feels good to be able to slow down a little bit.

The Maritime dress is really popular.  It came out originally in this blue and white version, but has since been reincarnated into many other colors and differing stripe widths.

Speaking of stripes, do check out Tabitha's hilarious take on striped clothing whilst traveling in Europe.  Turns out that the US and UK have one thing in common for sure...we think the stripes are a "do," and no one else really does. 

So riddle me this...then why do the French make such amazing striped Breton tops? 

The bits of this outfit are:

1. Maritime Dress, J. Crew.  From last spring (2011).  This is a small.  Mr. Dina really liked this dress and said he expected me to wear this outfit on our next date.  (I didn't.  I wore the rowboat instead.  Similar enough to make him happy.)

2. Double Strand Seahorse Necklace, J. Crew.  This is another beaded necklace in my collection.  I have a real fondness for these critter/glass bead concoctions.  The red beads are very hefty, and the color is a beautiful red/orange color that pops off the blue and white of the dress.  The seahorse is attached well and is beautifully painted (see second to last photo for a close-up).

I appreciated this one being on backorder.  It gave me plenty of time to budget so I could buy it when it dropped with the May rollout.

3. A2 by Aerosoles Taillight Sandals.  (Who even knew Taillight was a proper word!  I thought for sure the spell check would pick it up, but no, it is spelled correctly.)  I got these from Target for far less than they are priced on the Aerosoles website.

4. Sunny Day Shades, Madewell.  These are the cheaper version of the Selima Sun Sophia shades that J. Crew sells.  I LOVE the Selima version but I definitely don't need to spend a lot of dough on a pair of freaking red fake ray-bans.  Come on.

I bought this silly oversized clutch from Anthro on super sale recently.  I figured (like with the red fake ray-bans) that any trend like this needs to be bought on the cheap.

The oversized clutch, the Opal Sparks Pouch, is actually made by Miss Albright, whose shoes I really get a lot of wear out of...this clutch is made as well as the shoes, and even though it is excessively big, I can see using this as a fun bag to bring out with me when I just don't want to bring the big mom bag with me places.  It has plenty of room for the kindle fire, my phone, a slender wallet, sunglasses, powder, lip gloss, and maybe a magazine.  (Oh, and a size 2 diaper.  With a baggie of wipes.)
Close up of the necklace and sunglasses.

Making Some Maritime.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.  This would be a good outfit for July 4th (if it wasn't too hot to wear this dress, of course.)

This bikini has nothing to do with this post, but I am planning on selling it, along with another bikini set, and three one piece bathing suits, tomorrow on the exchange.  If you are interested in old school J. Crew bathing suits, keep your eyes open for the polyvore and listing on the exchange.

You all have a great night!!!