Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boden Review: Pigeon et Étoiles.

Bonne Nuit!

In tonight's Boden reviews, I take a look at two Johnnie b. items, including one with a wee plump man bird named Le Pigeon, which is why my post's title is in French.

(And for those who don't speak French--I am one of them, btw, just know a few words--étoiles are stars which references the second item, the pretty cardigan with lots of them in a foil print on grey cotton.)

There he is, looking a lot like a man I met at Chartres Cathedral last year.

CC, one of the best blog friends here at My Superfluities, pointed out the sparkly graphic t-shirt to me back when it debuted.  I hadn't even noticed it, but was super excited when CC suggested it. 
I knew as soon as I was able to get a good enough code for Boden, I would definitely be purchasing this gorgeous chartreuse tee embellished with Monsier Pigeon and his sequined beret.

Sparkly Graphic T-Shirt.  My issue with this tee was I was unsure of sizing.  It had been since last season that I had purchased a Johnnie b. item, when they were still using alpha sizing (I was a medium top in the alpha sizing).  Now they have age-sizing, with the lowest 8 years and the highest 15-16 years.  They say the sizes correlate to XS-L (the 15-16 would be the L), but I found it hard to believe that my former size equaled a size 13-14.

I should have known better.  Although I am fine with this tee being less fitted than my tees of the past, it is fairly loose through the shoulders and through the waist.  And since I can't tumble dry this to shrink it AND it is sold out in all but the tiniest sizes, I am going to live with it not being as slim fit as they describe in its copy.  :)

I look forward to wearing this "put a bird on it" shirt with a pencil skirt and heels.  This is a great critter and I think I will be on the receiving end of many "I love that tee" comments.

Pretty Cardigan.  I also took this in a 15-16 and I am glad I did.  The 13-14 would have fit, but I appreciate that I can completely button it up and not worry about gaping.  At all.

The cotton is super soft (100%, btw) and the foil printed stars are nicely printed, deeply, and without me worrying that they will flake off with wear and wash.

Opened over the Le Pigeon tee.  I can see wearing the two together, with a smart pair of skinny jeans and boots, and of course, because I don't do irony, a beret on top of my head.

This face is made because even me, Miss Monkey Arms, think the sleeves might be a bit ridiculously long.  ;)

Sparkly Graphic T-shirt
Pretty Cardigan
Sparkly Graphic T-Shirt and Pretty Cardigan.  The t-shirt is less sold out than the cardigan in grey, but there are popbacks sometimes.  Don't hold your breath for the star cardigan, though.   If I do see it, I will try to make an announcement on my facebook page.  :)

Okay, that's it!  Have any of you ordered any gems from the Johnnie b. line that you would like to share?  Any experiences with the new sizing?

Talk with you tomorrow, when I do reviews/ootds with the Swishy Jersey Skirt.