Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OOTDs: Besotted with the Dotted.

Good Tuesday!

I am a fan of dots, but in no way besotted, however my continuing use of dots in my wardrobe has led me to conclude that maybe I am *obsessed* (JCAs, a little copy for you to snicker at).

No, not really.  I will admit that maybe I have been indulging a bit lately in the polka pattern, but I blame all the retailers out there who keep putting the pretty little circles all over EVERYTHING. 

First up is the Swishy Jersey Skirt in charcoal spot.  I love my maxi length dresses and skirts from Boden, so when I saw that they had this darling skirt in a midi-length, I thought I would give it a try.

I almost gave up on it initially because I thought it was both too big and too long (I bought the US 6 Long), but upon channeling my inner fashionista (and a HUGE helping hand from sites like Garance Dore--more on that in a mo), I decided I would see if I could make it work for me.

Finding that the length was no longer an issue so long as I paired it with higher heels, I went with these Frye boots with a four-inch heel.

That left the looseness.  I had no problem with that as it does indeed make for easy wearing, but since the waist is a bit big, I figured I would let you all know.  I won't return since I kind of dig the way this skirt looks on me, but if I was re-ordering, I would buy the 4 Long.

I think this sweater may have been one of the most maligned ones ever produced by J. Crew.  It is "itchy, hot, fluffy, prone to pilling, etc."  I have an idea of how it got that image--it's J. Crew knitwear after all, but personally I don't find it too itchy, and I only wear it on cold days, so it isn't too hot, I agree that it is fluffy, but I definitely like that "cotton ball" look, and as of last weekend have seen nary a pill.

Plus I really like how it looks with the red and charcoal.

I wore this sweater while pregnant last year.  I prefer it on me not pregnant.  ;)

No big red Andie bag in the way for the review shots.

I am 5'8" and have a 34 inch inseam.  The skirt hits three inches below my knees.

The jersey fabric is so comfortable.  I could sleep in this skirt.  It has a nice fullness, too, but not in a way that over-emphasizes the hips/thighs, so pear shaped ladies, think about this one as a possibility for your closet.

From the back.

We were headed out to see Santa at "Breakfast with Santa" at Rex's school.  Santa had a fake beard, but the kids were in love.  So cute. 

This Women's Cashmere Silk Vineyard Scarf, is from Lands' End Canvas.  Its silk/cashmere blend is very light, but nice and warm.  Since it is a rectangle shape, as opposed to a square shape, I find that I can tie it a bit differently, like this way, where I twisted the fabric, then looped it three times around my neck and loosely tied the ends.

It was forecasted to get warm later in the day, and since I knew I needed to go to church that night, I brought clothes to turn the outfit from cold weather appropriate to warm weather appropriate, yet still church appropriate.  The shoes are wedges from Target, and the tee is crewcuts.

Above is one of the many images I had used to help me decide on how to style the skirt.

Even though Léa Seydoux is not wearing a maxi skirt, the overall look was one I wanted to replicate, with a strong emphasis on the makeup and hair and accessories.  Plus the silhouette of full and skinny seemed obvious and worked nicely with the fullness of the skirt in my outfit.

While researching this lady in the photo, I discovered she is a French actress and model whose birthday is exactly the same one as mine (not year, but date).  Not necessarily fate, but a strong coincidence.  ;)

Swishy Jersey Skirt
Of course Boden's stock catalog photo helped me a bit, too...except for the hat, which I just can't do, it is far too big of a brim for my head.

This is today's spotted skirt.  Same bag, btw, and the bag is what helped me decide on the rest of the color scheme.

The Women's Dot Skirt is from Lands' End Canvas and is shorter than I anticipated, but since I have a ridiculous number of tights from Wal-Mart, I knew I would have something that would work to make it seem like I am showing less leg than I actually am.

I would like to think that I will wear it next summer, bare legged, but don't hold your breath...as much as I am all "I am woman hear me roar," I am still wearing ten extra pounds of baby weight, so I can't promise you will see this with sandals and a tank top next summer.

The shoes so do not have the same color red as the Anthropologie sweater or the Andie bag, and it bothers me not one whit.

Close up of the "Hi There by Karen Walker" tied illusion pullover.  I started off the day feeling that I had made the right choice of this sweater, especially since I had bows in my ears, on my toes, and at my neck...BUT as soon as the temperature hit 70, I was sweltering in this wool-blend top.  I should have done what I did Saturday and carried a navy short-sleeved tee in that big-a@@ bag of mine to change into.

Okay, that's it for tonight.  Once I do a polyvore of the first outfit, I will add it to this post.

Have you been besotted with the dotted lately?