Monday, December 10, 2012

OOTD: Navy, Brown, Grey.

Hey, all.  Happy Monday!

So the Boden Weekly Roundup has not disappeared, promise.  In reality, there are just so many reviews/ootds recently both here and at my blog friends' blogs that it is going to take a lot of time to get the post together.  It will be a Super BWRR, ready to conquer all other BWRRs.

It turns out my lateness is less of a big deal, too, since Boden is clearly waiting forever to put the fall/winter stuff on clearance.  Last year the sale happened within the first week of December, and here we are in the second full week of December and no sale is in sight.

There is some talk over at the Facebook page for Boden that since their shop will be shutting its doors for a little while next Sunday, the 16th, that must mean that the sale will be happening that day.  It's definitely possible since I remember that also happening last year.

What makes this year different from last year is that this year's collection is selling well, often to the point of selling out, so Boden may not feel that an earlier sale is justified since people are buying the items up with only a bit of a % off, instead of waiting for a better deal.  There are items that are not selling well, at all, including the top (Lavish t-shirt) that I had in my ootd post from last night, but all that means is that Boden is offering it for a bigger percentage off right now (near 50% off, in fact) to maybe drive a few more sales of those tops.

When clearance does happen, anticipate that if you love something and it is sitting in the pink "low stock" checkmark territory, it will not stay that way long.  Those pink checkmarks disappear fast and become "out of stock" quicker than you can say "Johnnie Boden."  If you have your eye on something with a blue "in stock" checkmark, you are probably okay to wait a bit.

Also, if the item you like has been selling well, it is also unlikely that Boden and co. are going to reduce the price by that much, there have been items in the past that have sold so well that the price only went down by 20-30% in the clearance sale.

Okay, blah, blah, blah.  Let's bring on the outfit full of neutrals.

Winesday was on offer last week, for the first time in forever.  My brother and I try to make it weekly, and if we miss it too many weeks in a row, we feel pangs of withdrawal.

The outfit is all neutrals, but I kind of dug the play of different shades together.  I am all for following sartorial rules, but in this case, I feel like the deep navy combined with black, grey, and brown works.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I had to get some color in there.  ;)  Now I didn't actually wear this outfit inside Whole Foods since it would have been too warm to have the coat on, but I did need some sort of cover up for the drive there.

This coat is the Rose coat from Boden's spring/summer Limited Edition line.  I would never be able to wear this coat in the spring or summer (too warm), but I will happily wear it when the temps drop below 50.

(I see this is gone from the clearance sale from last summer, but there are still a bunch of its sister, the Rose Dress, available for sale.)

Close up of the hat, coat, and bag.  My hair was smoothed down after I saw this shot.  LOL.

See?  Smoothed hair.  ;)  This is outside my house.  I am in my street.  Fortunately my neighbors didn't even notice, but I live on a block full of slightly insane people (including us, btw), so I think even if they did notice, it wouldn't bother them. 

Vintage Ponte Dress.  This dress is almost all sold out in the smaller sizes, especially in the navy.  I bought the dress to try it on for the blog, with the thought I would be sending it back.  Then I got it and realized that the dress fits very well and is so pretty and comfortable, I decided that I would just sell a dress or two from my collection (ridiculous collection, really) to make up for this purchase.  (I am going to the consignment shop tomorrow, have a BIG box full of stuff to sell).

I bought this in a size 6 since most of the stretchy type fabric clothing from Boden fit me in my smaller size.  This was definitely a good choice, since the 8 would have been far too big in the bust and waist.

The length is shorter than it appears on the model, but I have a high waist and long legs, so almost all dresses and skirts are shorter on me than other folks (plus they probably gave the model a lengthened version). 

My feet only look this big from the side.
I added the sequin belt to this dress, which Boden did with their catalog shot.  I had to buy this belt in a size medium because (surprise!), it sold out in all the other sizes.  The medium is big on me, but I am just doing what the model in the catalog does, I am wrapping the end into the belt, which looks kind of nice.  Another thing with the bigger size is that I can wear it lower on my hips, which I may have to try with some of my denim.

Don't let your husband zip up the back of your dress if you are taking photos from the back.  (There was a hook closure that he missed--my brother fixed it at the store). 

The dress has the back zip, which is fabulous if you have a bigger bust and find side zips/no zips impossible to deal with.

Close up of the fabric of the dress and the sequin belt.

Vintage Ponte Dress
I do have plans to wear the dress as you see it above.  (I really love the daintiness of the sixties heels with the dress.)  It was just too chilly last week.  Maybe this spring?

Okay, that's it.  Have any of you tried this dress or this belt?  Do you ever mix all your neutral shades together? 

Today Boden started a 30% off (select items) sale with free shipping.  This is a decent enough sale if you can find the item you want in the sale.  I only had the briefest look around, and didn't see a ton on sale with that discount, but I will have more of an opportunity later today.  If what you want is not in the sale, you can still use Q753 for 25% off with free ship, btw.
Just in time for Christmas! Three days only and limited quantities: take 30% off select items + free shipping at